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Where've you been Limey?

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1Where've you been Limey? Empty Where've you been Limey? on Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:18 pm


OOC: I'm sorry I've not been around to rp for the last couple of shows, I've been swamped IRL.

The camera turns on to show Andrea standing outside of Hack3r's locker room. He studies herself in the lens reflection, fixes her hair then turns and knocks on the door. She waits for an answer but no answer is given. She knocks again with a bigger sense of urgency but still no answer is given. The frustration on her face is plain now as she begins to hammer on the door with all her might but there is still no answer. She turns to the camera and begins to curse inaudible slurs under her breath. This is soon stopped when a british accent is heard from down the corridor.

Hack3r: Uhh, Andrea? Why'd you look so angry?

The camera and Andrea both turn to see Hack3r walking up the corridor towards them carrying plastic carrier bags in both hands.
Andrea clicks her tongue.

Andrea: Nice to see you friend. Where've you been? We had an interview scheduled for right now!

Hack3r: Alright, attack much? If you must know I've been down to the shop ...

He lifts his arms showing off the carrier bags.

Hack3r: I was all out of crisps. Also, we had an interview scheduled for five minutes from now which means you're early so the attitude is really not needed.

Andrea sighs.

Andrea: Fine, seriously though, can we have that interview now?

Hack3r: Let me get in the door first.

He opens the door and steps inside followed shortly by Andrea and the camera man. He walks the length of the room and places his bags by his drinks cabinet. He walks back towards his sofa and sprawls himself across it.

Andrea: Uhh, like, can I sit down?

Hack3r tuts to himself but nonetheless moves into a sitting position making room for his interviewer.

Hack3r: I guess you're going to want to start the interview now. What's the first question?

Andrea: Ahh, you don't mess around. I like that! Anyways, how come it's taken me this long to get an interview with you? I've contacted you every show of this season but you've just been unavailable for speaking.

Hack3r: You just answered your own question. I was unavailable for speaking.

Andrea: Well, why were you unavailable?

Hack3r: Several reasons, first off I've been feeling a bit icky for the last couple of weeks so that's a pretty big reason. And, also, I had to fly Cornelius out to a vet because his eyes would sometimes turn black and he'd start speaking something that can only be described as kangaroo.

Andrea: Uhh, what? Kangaroo? What does that even sound like?

Hack3r: It's kind of like a "tch tch tch" noise.

At that moment the custom built rabbit door that's placed on the front door is opened and Cornelius steps through it wearing a little baseball cap.

Hack3r: Speak of the devil. Come here little man.

Cornelis hops across the room then jumps up onto Hack3r's lap and curls up into a ball as the brit begins to stroke him.

Andrea: Wait, so what was the verdict then? Why was he acting so weird?

Hack3r shrugs.

Hack3r: The vet said he was having a psychic episode. I don't know.

Andrea looks at him with a disbelieving look.

Andrea: So uhh next question ...

Hack3r: (interrupting) Sorry, I've just seen the time and I've got to go soon. I've got to meet a man about a wallaby.

Andrea: D'you mean dog?

Hack3r: I really don't care either way. It's small and furry. Anyways, as I was saying you'll have to leave.

Andrea: Uhh fair enough, I'll see you later then I guess.

She stands up and walks towards the door. She stops and stares at the custom built rabbit door for a few seconds, shakes her head then opens the big door and leaves. The camera fades to black.

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