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New Sheriff in Town...

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1New Sheriff in Town... Empty New Sheriff in Town... on Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:13 pm

Naven X

Naven X
the camera fades in to a roaring crowd and lights randomly shine throughout the arena...the camera zooms in on Christian Ghost and Conner Danielson

Conner Danielson: Welcome to Prototype!!! ,as tonight we bring you some shocking news from last night's fear factory...

Christain Ghost: That's right conner, Vivica Lockhart ,Manager and tag partner of S.A.D along with Naven X is the ATW General Manager for one week!!!..and..

Suddenly "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack plays in the arena as Naven X enters the stage..he continues down the ramp and enters the ring with a slight grin on his face. he takes a pause as he looks at the booing crowd..then begins to speak..

Naven X: If you didn't watch watch Fear Factory, then you missed something incredible and will change ATW forever!!!

the crowd roars in boos..

Naven X: with out further ado, let me introduce to you all!!!..your ATW Genernal Manager.....The Prophecy..Vivica Lockhart!!!

2New Sheriff in Town... Empty Re: New Sheriff in Town... on Thu Apr 14, 2011 8:44 pm

Vivica Lockhart

Vivica Lockhart
"Boring" by P!nk begins to blast through the speakers and the crowd goes crazy as Golden sparks shower down on the stage and a figure walk through the pyro is Vivica Lockhart as she strikes a pose, she begins laughing with happiness as the continues down the ramp and stops for camera poses..then makes her way in the ring, she grabs a microphone and raise it to her lips

VL: Yes my name is Vivica Lockhart!, and for the rest of the week..I am the ATW General Manager!

An array of yelling and screaming can be heard as the crowd boo even louder.

VL: That's right you are looking at the hottest, and the most dominating diva in ATW and all this week I call the shots!, I make the rules! and I control Archetype Wrestling!!

Danielson: I still can't believe it!

Ghost: Shhh!! the boss is talking!

VL: Now as GM their will be some changes tonight and I like for you all to the upcoming matches for tonight!!

Vivica point at the big screen and reveals the match lineup

VL: Tonight it will be Kujsi vs. Invictus of Doom, a champion vs Champion match Wolvian vs. Adam Nedman, Chris"Action"Jackson vs Tyr, Voltzandre vs Shawn Vincent!

The crowd gets intense with cheers and boos

VL: And thats not all!, there will be not one but two Last Man Standing matches Khaos vs. Sapphire Paladin & AnthraX vs. Jack Ammo, the so-called Tag Champions the Mafia vs Toki and Logray, Eternal Eclipse vs. Cylon and Shadow-The Lord of Pain vs. Ouzo!!

Ghost: Wow!!..Vivica knows how to fire up a crowd these matches are good!!..I can't wait!!

VL: Oh and last but not least, the Main Event!..and phenom this involves you because in our main event it will be Phenom the Vampire lord vs( pause) The World Archetype Champion..Wolvian!!!!

The crowd begin cheering Vivica and Naven are satisfied with the decision

VL: I wish you good luck Phenom, and everyone else tonight!!...Now, LETS START THE SHOW!!!

Vivica continues to play as Naven and vivica leave the ring and walks backstage.

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