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Champion Vs Chumpion

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1Champion Vs Chumpion Empty Champion Vs Chumpion on Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:46 am


The arena goes completly black. Aiden's Cry Little Sister begins to play over the speakers. A video a crimson moon is shown on the tron. Fog begins to pour out of the entrance way as the chimes in the song begin to hit. As the vocals begin to speak with in the song a curtain of fire explodes and Wolvian steps throught it. Wolvian dressed in his long hooded sleveless black robe stands at the tope of the ramp as the crowd boo's. The curtain of fire slowly dies and two walls of pyrotechnics explode as Wolvian slowly walks down the ramp. As Wolvian gets to the edge of the ramp the ring fills with fog. Wolvian then starts to walk up the stairs. He then climbs between the ropes and moves into the middle of the ring. Wolvian stands there for a bit before raising his hands. As his hands raise the robe falls off him to show the ATW World title around his waste. An explosion of fire engulfs the ring like a circle of fire reaching up to the rafters. As the fire lowers the lights come on and the music stops.

Wolvian: When this season started I made a promise. A promise that The Darkness would improve it self! So I took stock of the members of The Darkness. I then saw that we had a weak link in our chain! That Weak link was none othere than Executioner of Anarchy! So what do you do when you find a weak link? You tear it out! You destroy it! Then you mend the area and make it stronger than ever!

The crowd lets out a loud Boo at him.

Wolvian: Wich I did last week on this very show!

Wolvian turns toward the camera and looks deep with in its lense. The camera man starts to shake and gets a bit nervous. Wolvian walks toward the camera man and points at him. The camera man releaves him self then faints on the spot. Wolvian steps up looks at the fool on the ground and toss the camera at one of the Paladins.

Wolvian: Execuitoner of Anarchy what ever ditch your broken and beaten body is laying in, Wake up and listen to this! You were a failure! You had true potential and wasted it! Now you are nothing more than a chump like the rest of these deranged monkey's!

Wolvian points out at the crowd and the Boo's begin to get louder.

Wolvian: Speaking of CHUMP'S! I have a match here tonight against the Re Evolution Champion Adam "the on Coming Storm" Nedman! Now some think I should fear this guy. All cause he was a dominate wrestler back in another fed long, long, long ago. Back when he fought my father. Well, News break for you Adam. I dont Fear you! I dont even respect you! You walk around the back talking to the voices in your head and think you can match me? Well think again! Just like I have done to all the rest of the Old Relics from the past that seem bent on bring up my father. I will destroy you.

The crowd begins to chant Adam..... Adam.... Adam....

Wolvian: Just like the last time we met inthe ring Adam, I will be the dominate force! You may be the On Coming Storm.... But I am the Darkest depths of fear it self! I am the ATW World Champion, Two time most dominate heel in ATW! So you have to ask your self Adam..... What am I afraid of?

Wolvian begins to laugh with an evil grin on his face.

(Open for any owne to interupt if they want)

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For the second time in the space of a few minutes, the ATW Industrial Arena is plunged into darkness apart from a lone blindingly bright, white spot light which focuses on the entranceway. Adam Nedman steps out from backstage to the opening riffs of "Power Struggle" by Sunna and stands in the spotlight. He lifts his lowered head, flicking the hood of his top from his head and down his back, his gaze fixed on Wolvian down in the ring. Nedman unclasps the ReEvolution Championship belt from around his waste and raises it above his head with both hands to the adulation of the crowd. After a few seconds, he brings the belt down to rest on his shoulder and begins to walk down the entrance ramp. He walks with purposeful strides, touching the outstretched hands of the occasional fan, but never once removing his focus from Wolvian. On reaching ringside, he ascends the ringsteps, wipes his feet on the ring apron in deference to those who came before him, then steps between the top and middle ropes. He walks over to the corner of the ring closest to the announce position and receives an open microphone, before returning to the centre of the ring to face Wolvian as his theme fades out and the lights come back up.

Nedman: (his voice quivering) Y-you don't f-fear me? Y-you don't respect m-me?

He raises a fist to his mouth and bites it in mock concern.

Nedman: (deeper and steadier in tone) Whatever shall I do?

He paces around a little before returning to the same spot.

Nedman: You are right about a few things there. You are a dominant wrestler in ATW. I was a dominant wrestler in another federation a long time ago. The same federation where I met your father.

Conor Danielson: Oh this can't end well.

Nedman: Now, I'm not going to call him a friend, he wasn't exactly an enemy either but we were frequent opponents and those were the hardest battles in my career. And whether you like it or not, I see a lot of him in you.

Christian Ghost: He probably shouldn't have said that.

Nedman: I didn't fear him but I did respect him. So while both of you are similar, you aren't exactly alike. I neither fear or respect you.

The crowd "Oooooohs" at this remark.

Nedman: Don't get me wrong. I've been watching you fight and I do respect your abilities in this ring but everything else means nothing. You come out here with your black robes and your fire and it means nothing. You know the first thing I thought of when I arrived in ATW and I heard about The Darkness? It was this. That's your queue production monkeys!

Nedman points up to the ArcheTron.

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Wolvian gives a grin, The moves the microphone back to his lips.

Wolvian: So you have some old music clip from the hippy days of your youth! Is that were you got the nick name "on coming storm" from our girl friend Moonbeam, and her acid tripping friends? But If you want to show clips, I have one for you to see.

Wolvian turns to the tron.

Wolvian waits for the adversary and hits him with both the fists performing a devastating Polish Hammer, that sends him rolling out of the ring!!

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! the impact of this blow is so hard that Adam Nedman has fallen out of the ring!!!!

Wolvian leaves the ring

Wolvian notices the ref isnt looking and wraps some electrical chords around his opponents throat

Wolvian: Lets fast forward to the good part shall we!

The tron speeds up and then slows back down to normal speed.

Wolvian blocks his rival's legs and locks them painfully with his own to form a MORTAL The Darkness!!

Wolvian keeps his ripping submission hold


Wolvian keeps his DESTRUCTIVE submission hold


Wolvian keeps his DESTRUCTIVE submission hold


Wolvian keeps his DESTRUCTIVE submission hold


Adam Nedman can't resist anymore and taps out!!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Adam Nedman is eliminated, but wins the ReEvolution Championship! Here’s your winner and the NEEEEEEEW World Archetype Champion, WOLVIAN!

The screen pauses and Wolvian turns toward Adam Nedman.

Wolvian: I left your tired worn out ancient broken down body in shambles that night! And I will do the same here tonight! You can compare me to my father all you want. Hell you dont have to respect me, nor fear me Adam. But What you will do here tonight.....

Wolvian looks deep into the soul of Adam Nedman piercing throught the eyesof his competor with the pure darkness of his own soul.

Wolvian: IS LOSE!

(open for interpution)

4Champion Vs Chumpion Empty Re: Champion Vs Chumpion on Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:08 pm

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown
Kanye West: Yo Wolvian, I'm really happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish, but The Darkness is one of the best Glamour Rock bands of all time!!

Champion Vs Chumpion Demanu10

5Champion Vs Chumpion Empty Re: Champion Vs Chumpion on Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:30 pm


Travis Touchdown wrote:Kanye West: Yo Wolvian, I'm really happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish, but The Darkness is one of the best Glamour Rock bands of all time!!

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