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Where my money

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1Where my money  Empty Where my money on Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:48 am

Ghetto Blaster

Ghetto Blaster
Camera opens up backstage and one of the security guards is smoking in the back. Ghetto Blaster walks up to him.

GB: You have the money you own me. What did you think that i'm not usually on this show that you would see me. Now you bet against me to win the belts at the PPV now it time to pay up 5,000 bucks.

Guard: I don't have the money my kid broke his leg and i had to pay to get his leg fixed and is rehab.

GB: You know that not my problem my problem is that its time to pay your debt to the Mafia.

As Ghetto is talking Travis Touchdown come from behide the guard and hits him in the knee with a lead pipe.

TT: What you want to do with him ?

GB: Break it

Travis put the guard in a cross arm breaker and snaps the guard arm.

GB: Thanks you Travis handle the girls for me.

Travis leaves and as he leaving Pandora comes from outta of the arena.

Pandora: Ghetto what the hell man you can't go injuring the staff

GB: This is a business if you don't like my deals and my payment plans then don't come to me but with times as hard as they people gamble on a quick fix but if you make a deal you have to uphold your end if he won and i didn't have his money then what. Now excuse me I have more money to collect.

Pandora: Why is Travis doing your dirty work?

GB: Travis is my boy but he needed to past some test set by me yes he was pick for his talents but I need to see if he has the heart for other parts of the Mafia business.

As Ghetto is leaving Pandora grabs his arm

Pandora: Tonight you and William have a match against Toki and Logray what are your thoughts?

GB: Giving credit where its due Toki is a awesome talent and Logray also has skills but the Mafia is on a roll yes we lost a single match before the last PPV but as a
team we are still undefeated thats why we hold the gold. Tonight is just another night to show how strong the Mafia is.

Ghetto walks away

Pandora: Tonight folks we have the Mafia vs. Toki and Logray and it also seems like Ghetto up to his old tricks tonight so be careful where you go if you own the Mafia.

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