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A difficult team

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1A difficult team Empty A difficult team on Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:13 pm

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown
The camera shows the backstage area of the arena. In a distant room we can here people arguing. The camera approaches the scene and we see William Bergeron, Travis Touchdown and Def-Jam having an argument.

William Bergeron: Ok, ok guys calm down!

Travis Touchdown: No way! Why should I even be in a tag team in the first place? You guys are a tag team already and champions as well. This is stupid. I am the Undefeated Champion on one versus one. I don't tag. Plus I won't be so undefeated with that guy on my team.

Def-Jam: You should thank the Lord that I'm on your team. If I wasn't there, we would've stood no chance against Hack3r and Hero. I crushed my opponent last week, you almost lost. I mean you got lucky the referee reversed his decision, or the Mafia would've lost that expensive new title they bought. What a waste of money that would've been.

Travis Touchdown: How dare you...

Travis goes for a punch on Def-Jam but William grabs Travis wrist in time.

William Bergeron: I will say it one last time, and I hate repeating myself, calm down NOW! Now I know you guys aren't seeing eye to eye yet, but it will come. We are a team here and if I have chosen both of you it's because I know that I can put all my faith in you and that I'll never be disappointed. You proved to me that you guys were the strongest and we all showed that the Mafia was the most dominant force in this federation. Now it's time to confirm that fact tonight by beating your opponents tonight. And I know you will prevail because you're the best. Now I want you to put up the greatest performance tonight, I want you guys to steal the show. Shake hands and get ready for your match.

Travis Touchdown and Def-Jam hesitate and after a few minutes they finally shake hands.

William Bergeron: For the Mafia!

Travis Touchdown and Def-Jam (together): For the Mafia!

A difficult team Demanu10

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