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The Problem is...

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1The Problem is... Empty The Problem is... on Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:52 pm


Rodrigo Jackson walks out down to the ring, glancing around at all the fans in the arena. He stands near the ring, and swivels round to look at the stadium. He walks up the steps and stands on the ring apron. Pausing for a few moments, he then enters the ring. After acknowledging the fans, he speaks.

Rodrigo: Ladies and Gentlemen, Vampires and Witches, or whatever you would like to be adressed as. Last Week wasn't my most positive start, I'll admit that. But that doesn't mean this week won't be different. It may be the same result, I may loose again, but hell, I gave it my all.

Rodrigo: I know I'm usually happy go lucky, but there's one thing I need to get off my chest. The Mafia. Wow, I can breathe now that's off my chest. Anyway, How can a group of punks walk around thinking they're the Top of the Mountain, the Lords of the Throne. If there is one thing I would like to do, it is to rebel against The Mafia, and put an end to their reign.

He paces around the ring, scratching his chin

Rodrigo: I mean really, how? Oh Look, I'm part of a Posse, I can walk around acting like I'm the best in the world, when really I'm just a Sad Ass Loser who needs his Face Punched and Butt Kicked!

Rodrigo: However, I do have a little respect for the Mafia, even if it is the size of a pin head. The match last week was a fair one, and I give credit to that. But If you can win a match, why not just go Solo and prove you can fight alone? I'm making it my mission to bring down The Mafia, and end their stupid reign.

He Thrusts a Hand into the air. Looking around, the Crowd has mixed opinions.

Rodrigo: Soon you'll see what I mean, VERY Soon...

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