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The legend of Xtreme Defjam

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1The legend of Xtreme Defjam Empty The legend of Xtreme Defjam on Fri Dec 10, 2010 9:03 am


Defjam was an orphan, both parents were murdered when he was eight and was forced to live in a disgusting Beat up orphanage, he was picked on alot and no one really payed him much attention until they found his jiu jitsu skills. His father taught him what he could before he died and gave Defjam (Justin Sythe) enough knowledge to defend himself. As he grew up he fought thousands of street fights Searching for the man who killed his parents.His Brother (unknown to him at the time) became his manager as he started a wrestling career and when the man returned and killed his brother Defjam had no where to turn. He found ATW and Was Signed a superstar, he still beleives that mysterious man is after him still and he trains hard to be able to asert his revenge.
The legend of Xtreme Defjam Dexter-quinto-1176-171[flash(640,385)]

Personality: Sarcastic, Easy going,Fun.

Face or heel?: Face

Acheivements: Face of the Season, Demanufacture champion.

Finishers: The Final Touch - Direct Damage-:
Defjam Sends a back heel to the opponents face making them stummble back he then charges the opponent and hooks the oopnents arm and neck and whips him back
he then sends the opponent down against his knee, raises him back up to his feet then lifts the opponent up and jumps forward as he slams the opponent hard to the mat executing The Finishing Touch

Hardcore Dark consideration -submission-: Defjam catches the opponents arm and neck with his own and twists a bit letting his back touch the opponents back then flips him over his back slamming him on his gut.
Defjam then wraps his arm around his wrist and pulls back choking the opponent executing Hardcore Dark Consideration

Weapons of choice: Brass knuckles that he keeps on his person,
Lead pipe, and Steel Chairs.

Catchphrases: " ....and you know why? cus im the Legend of Xtreme Defjam!."

Nicknames: Hardcore Maniac, Legend of Xtreme,

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