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no idea what to call this :P

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1no idea what to call this :P Empty no idea what to call this :P on Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:19 am


After the match Alparslan Stares at Kim Anderson.

Alparlan looks at her with a smile and knocks her down

Alparslan makes one from the camera crew throw him a microphone

Alparlan: This is a warning to all those who crosses my path. from now on to the end of time.

Alparslan exits the ring and takes 2 steel chairs and places one of them under kim's head.

Christian: hes gonna do a con-chair-to

Phoenix starts flying in circles above Alparlan as he holds the other steel chair.

Alparslan looks at his pet crow and smiles.

Alparlan: like a phoenix re-births from the ashes so shall I.

Alparslan looks at Kim

Alparslan: my ashes lies here in the ring with kim. And the time of my rebirth has come!

Alparslan raises his chair highly above the ring

OOC: make your magic wildy Razz

2no idea what to call this :P Empty Re: no idea what to call this :P on Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:11 pm


Just before Alparslan was about to con-chair-to. The arena lights begin to flicker like a strobe light and the titatron begins to go haywire.

Christian: It seems we have a bug in the electrical system perhaps.

The lights go back to normal; however the titatron seems to still be haywire. Suddenly the titatron shows a message: I'm Back!

Connor: What in the world does "I'm Back!" mean?

Christian: You don't think it might be...?

Before Christian could finish that sentence, a black foggy substance begins to shroud the ring's canvas, which makes Alparslain back away from Kim. The foggy substance begins to grow heavy and a burst of the foggy substance covers the entire ring.

Connor: I don't like the looks of this.

When the fog started to clear, another person was shown in the ring. The crowd began to cheer with all their might. It was Wildthing! Wearing his trademark shades, leather pants, a white shirt, and leather jacket, and in his hand was a sledgehammer wrapped in barbwire!

Christian: Connor, it's Wildthing!

Connor [Sarcastically]: Wow, you figured all that by yourself, Sherlock?

Wildthing glares at Alparslain with a sincer look on his face. Then turns towards to the ringside assistant and ask for the microphone. Wildthing snatches the microphone from the ring assistant's hand and slowly puts the microphone up to his lips.

Wildthing: Lucy! I'm Home!

The crowd is on their feet cheering. Some fans are holding up Wildthing shirts; others New Generation Merchandise, and some with posters such as: Welcome Back Wild!, I'm not Crazy; I'm Wild for Wildthing, and Wildthing 4ever.

Wildthing: You know I am surprised at you (pointing with his sledge hammer wrapped in barbwire to Alparslain). I thought that a parson was a person whom does good things. Oh well, there was one thing you had right about a rebirth, but it wasn't you that was rebirth.

Wildthing stares at Alparslain's bird.

Wildthing: Not to be a bird hater, but you might want to put him away. Because it has been a long journey here, and Kentucky Fried Chicken sounds good about now. And trust me, he won't come back as a bird, but a long brown snake.

The crowd begins to laugh and chants: Eat his bird.

Wildthing watches now as the trainers help Kim to the back then looks back at Alparslain.

Wildthing: So you were going to try to make an example out of my partner Kim eh? Well guess what pal. [takes a step closer to Alparslain] You and I have crossed each other's path now.

Wildthing drops the microphone and tries to take a swing at Alparslain with the sledge hammer, but Alparslain ducks underneath the ropes and out of the ring. Wildthing stands in the ring a raging look on his face and is gesturing Alparslain to get back into the ring. After a couple of minutes, Wildthing picks up the microphone and raises it to his mouth.

Wildthing: Well, I guess we can finish this later, because I don't really have the time right now for a phenox to turn chicken. I got my own match coming up, so let's us set a date. Next PPV you and me!

The crowd cheers

Wildthing: Until then, I'd recommend that you start training.

Wildthing drops the microphone, heads out of the ring and into the crowd.

Connor: Well you have heard Wildthing folks, he has pretty much accepted Alparslain's challenge.

Christian: What challenge? I don't remember a challenge.

Connor: It was pretty much a challenge when Alparslain had that chalk board and just a few moments ago tried to take out Kim Anderson for good.

Christian: Oh, well this won't be the last time we'll be seeing Wildthing tonight, because I have been told just a few minutes ago that he is competing tonight against Revenant King.

[fade out]

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