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Killa' Spree

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1Killa' Spree  Empty Killa' Spree on Fri Apr 08, 2011 9:04 am


*Suddenly the lights in the arena begin to flicker and moments later turn off engulfing everything in pitch black. Two spot light ignite and focuses on the two figures that walk on the entrance ramp. Korn - Here To Stay blast trough the arenas speakers as DD and CW walk down the ramp and into the ring with mic's in theire hands*

DD : As you may already saw us on the last show demolating the competition , I guess you already know that we are the long awaited tag champions of GWA future tag champions of Archetype , THE KILLAZ !

*The crowed look a bit confused , and don't know how to react*

DD : I'll tell you what , I got news that tonight .. we're going againts some rookies named : New Blood , some guy named Max Cavalera and Sparda ..

*The Killaz stare at each other , smile and a few seconds later*

DD : We'll kill them ! Isn't that right CW ?

2Killa' Spree  Empty Re: Killa' Spree on Fri Apr 08, 2011 7:40 pm

Crimson Wrath

Crimson Wrath
*CW gets a sinister grin on his face and puts the mic up to his lips.*

CW: You better believe it! These chumps walk around acting like we're the rookies. Well, I'd say they're wrong! The Killaz may be newcomers to ATW but we're sure as hell not new to kicking some overconfident arse! Or should I say KILLING some overconfident arse. You maggots haven't seen enough of us to realize just what we're capable of.

*CW pauses as to wait for a response from the crowd.*

CW: What's this? You're scared and confused? You're the inferior beings, sitting on your lazy arses watching us slaughter our opponents. I find it rather disgusting. But fear no more as my boy Disturbed and I will soon be the champions you've long awaited, ending the tyranny of Mafia. Engulfing this business into darkness. Blood will run from the ring, and I can tell you this much, you will see what evil truly is. I've fought fools that call themselves vampires, I've fought fools that call themselves wolves, gods, and just about anything else you can think of. But the truth of it is; They're all jokes! They speak more than they can back up, and they intimidate you all.

*CW looks at DD*

CW: Demon, the time has come! Tonight will be just like old times. Get the dumpster cause The Killaz are going on a killa spree!

3Killa' Spree  Empty Re: Killa' Spree on Fri Apr 08, 2011 7:54 pm


*A few moments pass , and the crowed started to realize what The Killaz are up to*

DD : And don't forget this , couse we will remaine as we told you : Unstoppable , Remortless ..

DD & CW : .. but above all , INDESTRUCTIBLE !

*Both of the wrestler slam the mic's on the floor and walk out of the ring as the crowed boo them out*

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