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Best Tag Team Of The Season. (Open to the Mafia to gloat or any other tag team to complain)

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Hack3r is seen standing at the podium with an unusually serious look on his face.

Hack3r: I've decided that tonight has been too much fun. I've been told by the higher-ups that we've fulfilled our fun quota for the night and so I must dull it down.

Hack3r looks around the quiet crowd.

Hack3r: I don't think I'm going to do that.

He pulls out a pad with a big red button on it. He presses the button which causes millions of brightly coloured balloons to fall from the ceiling onto the crowd like a multicoloured raincloud of awesome.

Hack3r: I knew you'd appreciate it. Anyway, moving on let's see who the best tag team in ATW is shall we?

Hack3r picks up the envelope and opens it. He reads the writing then places it down back on the table again.

Hack3r: I must say that this is one of the most prestigious awards a tag team can ever win. Especially here in ATW. The lucky winners of this amazing award are ...

Hack3r begins to drum on the podium himself making a dull drum roll sound.

Hack3r: THE MAFIA! Come on out guys!

OOC: Over to whoever wants it.


The camera panels to see The Mafia watching the award show as they party. They are jumping up and down. They seem to look drunk. Will Bergeron gets up and starts stumbling to the stage area. The camera focusses back to the stage. Will Bergeron is seen coming through the certain. He is still stumbling when he bumps into Hack3r and the podium.

Will Bergeron: Sorry, Hacky. I have a few drinks already in me. You should come back with me and party.

Looks down and notices the Helix Award. He becomes emotion and a few tears come out,

Will Bergeron::{To himself} Don't you cry, I will kick your ass and set you on fire. {To everyone} I'd like to thank everyone of you for believing us. We are proud to be your champs and now your tag team of the season winners. Thanks again. I got to go party more. Oh, and I believe I remember my boss saying we had a title match. So, prepare to defeat championships too. Bye

William Bergeron grabs the award and walks off towards the ring. Hack3r grabs Will and helps him to the right way.

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