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Funniest Moment of the season (I got this one guys).

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Once again the camera shifts back to show the host podium but this time neither Hack3r or Cornelius is there. The camera shunts slightly to the left and spots Hack3r against the crowd barrier holding Cornelius out for an attractive young woman to stroke. The host notices that the cameras are back on him and jumps back onto stage and runs to the podium.

Hack3r: Sorry about that guys, that woman there wanted to stroke my bunny. How could I argue with that?

The crowd laughs.

Hack3r: Once again, let's crack-a-lacking on this. The third award of the night is for "The Funniest Moment Of The Season" and the contenders are ... Vivica attacking our humble GM with a steel chair.

The crowd cheers in favour of Vivica.

Hack3r: Wolvian's kid sister costing him a match.

The crowd boos at the mention of Wolvian.

Hack3r: Last season's Helix Awards show.

Some people in the crowd begin to cheer but some continue to boo.

Hack3r: Alright, damn. Mine and Hero's super special secret handshake.

He shakes his head in disappointment as he's reminded of what happened at the last PPV.

Hack3r: And finally, Me playing with my little friend here ...

Some of the adults in the crowd laugh. Hack3r gives them a weird look then continues.

Hack3r: Let's see what the winning moment is shall we?

He opens up an envelope and looks inside.

Hack3r: The winner is me and Cornelius! It's a good thing I bought this ...

He reaches down under the podium and pulls up a small looking backpack. He begins to pull the backpack onto Cornelius' bag and places the trophy inside the bag. He then sets Cornelius down on the floor and points for him to walk off the stage.

Hack3r: It's his Rab-Pack. Awesome right?

The crowd cheers as the camera zooms into the white rabbit carrying the trophy across the stage in his little back pack. Cornelius walks off stage and the camera fades to black.

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