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Introduction to the second ever Helix Awards

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1 Introduction to the second ever Helix Awards on Thu Mar 31, 2011 12:20 am

The camera starts off black but slowly begins to fade into what is seen to be a jam-packed Industrial Arena. The crowd is going crazy with numerous chants and cheers. Multicoloured pyros are shot from the titan tron as the lights are gradually lowered. When the pyros have burned out a solo light is shone from the rafters down to a lone podium that is set up just off center on the stage. A disembodied voice begins to speak.

Voice: Hello and welcome one and all to tonight's very special edition of Fear Factory. It's special in the fact that tonight you will see the Helix awards for only the second time in history, ever. I mean it.

The crowd erupts with cheers.

Voice: Now, let's welcome onto the stage our host for the night and all round nice guy ...

The voice falls silent for a few seconds.

Voice: HACK3R.

The crowd erupts with cheers once more as the spotlight shifts slightly to the side and picks up the British wrestler walking onto the stage wearing an expensive looking suit. He walks up to the podium, prepares himself then slaps himself as if he's forgotten something. He quickly runs off stage and comes back on carrying a small, silk covered box. He places the box onto the podium and pulls the mic to his mouth.

Hack3r: So, how're you guys tonight? You having a good time?

The crowd erupts with cheers yet again but Hack3r motions for them to quiet down.

Hack3r: I know that I'm technically "the host" or whatever but I've bought a special guest with me, I think some of you are going to recognise him. Ladies and gentlemen, will you please put your hands together for ...

A drum roll begins to play.

Hack3r: Oh, a real drum roll. Nice, Anyways, may I introduce you to ... CORNELIUS.

He whips the silk blanket off of the box and the camera zooms in to show a cute looking Albino rabbit sat in a luxury looking cage.

Hack3r: I was supposed to only be looking after him temporarily but my friend, his owner, kind of died or something so now he's officially mine. Does that make you guys happy?

The crowd explodes with cheers.

Hack3r: With all of those formalities out of the way I think I should probably start on the preceedings. Our first award for the night is for "The best match of last season". Let's watch this tape shall we?

He turns around to look at the titan tron as does every other person in attendance. A video is played showing highlights from all the nominated matches.

Hack3r: It was such a good season! I'm still on a high from it. Anyways, to qualify for this award the match in question had to be intense, entertaining and unashamedly bad-ass. Let's see if the winner is worthy.

He picks up an envelope and the camera zooms in to show him opening it and reading the card inside.

Hack3r: Wow, no surprises here. The winner for the best match of last season is ... THE SLAUGHTER'S PALACE!

The crowd one again bursts into cheers.

Hack3r: If for some reason you didn't see it I'll give a quick rundown. It was six teams, an elimination chamber, duel containment chambers and a hell of a lot of blood. I'm not entirely sure who's supposed to be collecting this reward so, to raise funds, I will be auctioning off the award.

The crowd begins to roar with approval as the camera fades to commercials.

OOC: So, like, I figured Phen could rage at me some time in the future about auctioning off the trophy and that can be a start of a feud or something, I'm just planting seeds here people.

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