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Everything Fades To Black : Return Of The Fallen !

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Name : Disturbed Demon
Nickname : The Hells Hero / The Chosen One
Age : Unknown
Height : 1.85 cm
Weight : 100 kg
Entrance : The arena fades to black , as a loud demonic voice laugh is heard. Disturbed - Indestructible blasts through the arenas speakers as flames blast from the laterals of the ramp and DD makes his way into the arena with a skull head in his left hand and with his Dark Katana in his right , wearing black trunks and pursuied by 4 druids. He enters the ring , as he's loyal druids wait for him to climb. They bow and after that leav the arena.

Song : Disturbed - Indestructible
Tag Team : The Killaz (DD and CW)
Tag Team Song : Korn - Here To Stay
Finishers : Pool Of Death , Tap It Out , Bottom Of Heal
Trademarks : Wrecking Drop , Face The Pain , Punch Straight From Hell.

Origin :
Long ago .. in a medieval time , DD was a White Lotus Cavalleire , a group of humans that where cosindered the best warriors of theyre time.
They where known as Vampire Slayers. Demon was the capitan of this crew and the primal enemy of the vampires.
In one night when he woke up to go outside to drink watter from the fountain , he was blindli attacked from behind by Phenom .. after an epic fight between A Human & A Vampire , the vampire got the win and killed Demon.
Demon was thrown in hell , where he trained , swering revange on that vampire.The Dark Lord saw the potencial in him , and made him a Hell Gladiator. After some epic fights between demons .. Demon got his name of : DISTURBED because of his merceless ways of ending his battles. After winning the Hell Gladiator tournament , his final match was with the comandor of the Hells Army : Big Demon. A war that ended with DD's victory , who was claimed the new Comandor Of The Hell's Army.
Trained with them , The Dark Lord attached alot to him and gave DD the most important job : GO TO EARTH AND TELL THEM ABOUT THE APOCALIPS.
DD was send to earth , but his primary objectiv was finding Phenom. Started wrestling in RWL , and after he became champion , he corupted the fed and destroied it.
Next stop GWA where he fough Phenom fought him but didn't get the win. Frustraited , he tried to train harder but he was called in hell by his LORD to drive the Hell's Army to victory in a war and he was reminded what his primary mission was on earth.
He camed again to earth and fough for UWA but didn't saw interest in that fed .. Now he's on Archtype Wrestling and will destroy everyone who stays in his path to complete his mission.

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