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Physical VS Meta-physical

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1Physical VS Meta-physical Empty Physical VS Meta-physical on Wed Mar 30, 2011 5:26 pm

Revenant King

"Give Me Your Soul" by King Diamond blares through the loudspeakers and a thunderous roar of boos echo through the arena as the Revenant King makes his way to the ring. After rolling into the ring, he signals the crew to cut the music early. He basks in his infamy as the boos rain upon him.
Revenant King: Hate me all you want, it will only make me stronger. Not that I care what you think of me. I am here only because a certain "hero" in the back wanted to propose something to me.
The crowd waits in anticipation.
Revenant King: You see, I have a problem with the Guillotine Master. He believes that his feeble skills in the martial arts can take on and defeat my voodoo powers? HA! Don't make me laugh Guillotine Master. I seen what your meek hand-to-hand skills done. It couldn't even defeat Vivian in a match, and her skills are just as... well, I'll stop from there.
He points his finger to the crowd.
Revenant King: The point is, I need to teach these people some education that not everything that is good is in this physical world. I will demonstrate first hand what it means to take on the mystical. Guillotine Master, I want you out here so I could demonstrate what it means to have real power.

2Physical VS Meta-physical Empty Re: Physical VS Meta-physical on Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:21 pm


Miami 2 Ibiza by Tinie Tempah vs SHM starts playing, under Rodrigo Jackson walks out from under the titantron. He acknowledges the fans at both sides of the ramp, and paces around under the titantron.

Rodrigo: So what, you come out here claiming to be the best? Who do you think you are?

The Crowd Cheers

Rodrigo: Someone needs to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget. Especially since you talk about physical fighting. But dude, I can't see any good sized Biceps on either of your arms!

He paces around, then continues.

Rodrigo: Either you pick on someone you can beat, or you're going to get hurt. Oh, wait, sorry, I forgot. You can't beat anyone. Also, this is a testament to strength.

He gets down on this hands and feet and does several one handed push-ups. He stands up and stares down at Revenant King. He streches his arms out to the side and appeals to the crowd.

Rodrigo: So, what you gonna do? Crawl back and work on your "Voodoo", or fight like a man, or whatever the heck you are?

3Physical VS Meta-physical Empty Re: Physical VS Meta-physical on Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:34 pm

Guillotine Master

"Master of the Flying Guillotine" plays on the loudspeakers as the Guillotine Master meets up with the two men in the ring. the imposing Rodrigo towers over the un-phased Revenant King. He grabs a microphone from the ring announcer.

Guillotine Master: Whoa, whoa, whoa, guys. Settle down. This isn't a match, so there isn't any need for this barbarism. Mr. Rodrigo, I appreciate your concern in our affairs, but I prefer to fight my own battles, so please stay out of it. As for you Revenant King, don't think I forgot our little problem with each other. My martial arts skills are of almost equal match for Vivica Lockheart. That's not what's in question. What is is that your "voodoo" is nothing more than tricks to cheat in your matches. Because of that, I would love you take you on in a match. However, I have my own match tonight and so do you. So with that, I will now go prepare for victory, and you better prepare for what's ahead for you when we fight again.

Guillotine Master hands the mic over to the ring announcer and leaves the ring to go backstage.

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