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The Mafia Numbers Grow

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1The Mafia Numbers Grow Empty The Mafia Numbers Grow on Wed Mar 30, 2011 5:41 am


As the fans are getting settled into there seats. The titantron turns on and focuses on the parking lot. The sound of roaring of engines in the distance is heard. A red and blue sports car are seen speeding towards the parking lot. They come to a stop pretty quickly. Out of the blue car, Will Bergeron comes out with his ATW Double Helix Championship around his waist. Out of the blue car, Ghetto Blaster comes out, and picks up his title from the seat. The Mafia heads toward the entrance of the arena.

Ghost: Looks like The Mafia wants to kick off the new season with a bang.

Danielson: Yes, in deed. But where are they heading to.

The titantron shows the camera following them. They stop at one the entrances for the fans to get to their seats. The fans notice this and start cheering in a frenzy. The sound of semi-automatic is heard over the speakers, followed by Uprising by Muse. Will and Ghetto walk out through the crowd, as golden confetti falls from the roof. They stop on ocassions to poise with fans. Will and Ghetto jump the rail and enter the ring. As they do this, fireworks are going off throughout the arena. The Mafia climbs opposite turnbuckles. They lift the titles over there heads. The fireworks stop, as they return to middle of ring.

Will Bergeron: HEEEELLLLOOOO ATW Universe!! Welcome to the new season and new era here in ATW. We didn't have time to celebrate last season. So, we thought we would now. This is one of the biggest accomplishments of The Mafia to date. We are now 4 time Tag Team Champs.

Ghetto Blaster: I couldn't say it any better. We are on top of the world right now. We did nothing but party all break long. It feels good to finally celebrate here in ATW. All night long there will be a private party in The Mafia Locker Room. We have 25 spots left. Do you think we should give them to you fans?


Ghetto Blaster: I'll take that as a yes. Once we'll done here. we want the biggest Mafia fans to rush to the back and get their spot. Remember, only 25 spots left. But back to business. The titls are not the only reason why we're hear.

Wil Bergeron: That's right. We are here to introduce new members into The Mafia. Why don't we introduce the first one to join the ranks of The Mafia.He is a up and coming superstar here in ATW. He's the future of The Mafia. Please welcome the one and only DEF JAM!!!!

(ooc. time to make our rp, your up DJ)

2The Mafia Numbers Grow Empty Re: The Mafia Numbers Grow on Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:27 am


-Suddenly..Frontline by pillar blasts off the P.a as the lights dimmer. Def-jam is seen at the top of the ramp wearing no shirt and his shorts with a shirt hanging out his back pocket. he dashes over to one side where he hi fives multiple fans then dashes to the other side to do the same. he then centers himself on the ramp and crosses his arms with his thumbs pointing at him letting pyro go off up and down the ramp! Finally he takes the shirt out as he rolls in the ring and puts it on as he climbs the Turnbuckle. He hops down and asks for a mic as the song fades and the lights go normal.-

Def-jam: What's Up ATW?!?

-The Crowd still in shock cheers excitedly at him. smirking he lifts the mic back to his lips-

Def-jam: As you Just heard, The Mafia is About to get Xtreeeeeme!!!

-he lowers his hand and watches as the fans are now on their feet chanting Def-Jam. as they quiet down he walks over to the ropes and stands on the mid one-

Def-jam: There ain't a challenge I won't face to entertain, there aint a Damn challenger in the back I won't beat the livin' Heeeeell out of

-pauses for the cheers-

To make your ticket worth the money And you know why?

-he jumps down then dashes up the opposite turnbuckle and screams-


-he jumps down smirking as the fans are chanting his name-

3The Mafia Numbers Grow Empty Re: The Mafia Numbers Grow on Thu Mar 31, 2011 7:04 am


Will Bergeron: Nicely said. I have high hopes for you. Young and willing to do anything to win. I will now go from Extreme to a superstar that has never been defeated. He will be the back bone to The Mafia. Please welcome our biggest acquistion Travis Touchdown.

The crowd is in a frenzy waiting in anticipation for the newest member to come out.

(ooc. TT your time to shine.)

4The Mafia Numbers Grow Empty Re: The Mafia Numbers Grow on Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:32 pm

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown
As William pronounces these words the arena speakers blast Travis' theme song. The crowd is totally shocked and have an unexpected look on their face. He comes out from backstage on his Schpeltiger bike, makes it roar a few times while on top of the ramp and drives down to the ring. He grabs a mic and walks on stage with his title on his shoulder.

Travis Touchdown: Thank you Will. Thank you for letting me in The Mafia, the one and only stable who has the most titles in the WHOLE ATW! We have the newly crowned tag team champions here.

The crowd cheers and applauds

Travis Touchdown: And we have your favourite, the one and only undefeated champion TRAAAAAAVIS TOUCHDOWN!!!

The crowd bursts into even louder cheering.

Travis Touchdown: Now I know what you're thinking. Hell! I even saw it on your faces. I sure you're all like: "But what is Travis doing in a stable?", "He's a winner on his own, he doesn't need to be in a stable". And you know what? You're right. You are so very right. This decision wasn't easy to take, I was approached at last PPV by Will but I didn't say yes at first. It took them to win the Tag Titles for me to join them. Because you see, an undefeated champion like me can't join a stable of losers like The Darkness or A.A.T.O.

The crowd screems "OOOOOOOH" to heat up the situation

Travis Touchdown: I know, OOOOOOOH! You know what they say, truth hurts. So anyway now I'm here, with the Helix award in one hand, the undefeated champion in the other, accompanied by the Tag champs and what do I see?? Def-Jam sharing the stable with me. This must be a mistake. But anyway I hope you'll win your match, because as you can see there is no place for losers here. Will and Ghetto will retain their championship, I will once again defeat my opponent and remain Undefeated Champion. So you better not lose or else you will simply be the dark spot of this stable. Capish newbie who's to scared to face me?

OOC: Will you can come and cool down the heat if you wish.

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5The Mafia Numbers Grow Empty Re: The Mafia Numbers Grow on Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:53 pm


Def-jam: Scared? I was doing you a Favor Hot shot! Im sure all of ATW knows how badly you'd lose your streak if we fought!

-The crowd has mixed emotions over this-

6The Mafia Numbers Grow Empty Re: The Mafia Numbers Grow on Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:37 pm

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown
Travis Touchdown: Lose? Haha dude apparently you're new here. I have fought bigger guys than you and they've all fallen to my superiority. You would just be one of the many victims of the Undefeated One. But hey you never know you might get lucky tonight against your opponent. After all you've been chosen by the Mafia. Just try not to disappoint us.

7The Mafia Numbers Grow Empty Re: The Mafia Numbers Grow on Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:09 pm


Will Bergeron: Ok, whoa guys. Yes DJ is a new comer. Doesn't mean he doesn't belong. We are a team here. We are have qualities that will help The Mafia become one of the legendary stable of wrestling history.

Crowd: MAFIA!!! MAFIA!!! MAFIA!!!

Will Bergeron: See guys, we gained respect. It`s time to show what we our stengths are. Now, I would like to move on. Ghetto can you get me the thing from under the ring.

Ghetto Blaster gets out of the ring. He digs out of under the ring a garbage can. Travis Touchdown and DefJam have a surprised look on their face. Ghetto Blaster gets back into the ring.

Will Bergeron: Thank you. Travis, I will need to grab that plastic thing you call a title.

Travis Touchdown grips the title and finally gives into it. Travis gives Will the title. Will Bergeron throws out the title.

Will Bergeron: I would like to present a little gift to you. In the Mafia, we do things big. Can you please bring it down to me.

A leather bag starts to fall from the rafters. It lands into Will Bergeron`s hands. Will slowly takes out a brand new custom designed title.

Will Bergeron: Travis Touchdown, you have deserved this for a long time. Here is your new title. It`s official I signed papers over the off season. It`s called "ATW Undefeated Championship".

Hands the title over.

(ooc. your time again TT)

8The Mafia Numbers Grow Empty Re: The Mafia Numbers Grow on Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:55 pm

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown
Travis takes the title, looks at it in every angle, weights it with his arms and raises it in the air making the crowd burst into cheering. Travis brings the title back down and puts it on his shoulder.

Travis Touchdown: Well that's some nice title you got me here Will. Thank you very much.

Travis and Will shake hands

Travis Touchdown: This season is starting even better than I thought it would. A new stable with amazing members. A new flamboyant title. That ought to piss off a lot of people who'd diss my title. But the fact is you're all jealous and suck, being defeated one after the other, whereas here we only have winners. I can understand why you would be so angry not to have this title, especially that it's now an official one, a real title part of ATW. So please keep on the rage going while I grow bigger and stronger with the best stable there is in ATW.

Travis walks towards Will and all the members all stand in line.

Travis Touchdown: THE MAFIA!

As Travis pronounces those words, him, Will and Ghetto raise their title in the air while Def-Jam raises his fist.

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9The Mafia Numbers Grow Empty Re: The Mafia Numbers Grow on Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:33 pm


(Since it's Me vs. Defjam, I thought I'd add a bit more Hype Smile)

Miami 2 Ibiza by Tinie Tempah starts playing, and Rodrigo Jackson emerges from under the titantron.

Rodrigo: Whoah Whoah Whoah...Whoah! Cut the Music!

The Music Stops. Rodrigo scratches underneath his chin, then speaks

Rodrigo: I'm not sure any of you realise this, but walking around in a group doesn't make you strong. In fact, it just makes you look weak, Scared in fact.

He paces around at the top of the ramp.

Rodrigo: You do realise Respect is earned and Strength is proven when you fight alone with no interference? It shows you can fight, and you don't need some chumps to help you win.

He stares down at The Mafia in the ring, glancing over each one of them with a smirk on his face.

Rodrigo: I'll tell you what; Me on Defjam, tonight. Zero Interference from any of you. Sound Fair?

(Someone from Mafia to continue on from this point)

10The Mafia Numbers Grow Empty Re: The Mafia Numbers Grow on Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:59 pm


OOC: you do know we already stated that in our rp right?

11The Mafia Numbers Grow Empty Re: The Mafia Numbers Grow on Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:03 pm


Def-jam: Dont worry, Our match will have no Interference as Travis already stated. I just hope you can back up all the crap your filling the arena with.

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