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Unleash The Wrath

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1 Unleash The Wrath on Tue Mar 29, 2011 3:59 am

Name: Crimson Wrath
Age: Unknown
Personality: Deranged, Homicidal, Evil
Height: 6'3 (190 cm)
Weight: 198lbs (90 kg)
Entrance: “The Weapon They Fear” by Heaven Shall Burn starts blasting through the arena as the sound system hardly covers the noise of a revving engine from backstage. A flaming red Ferrari Modena appears from behind the curtains and stops at the top of the ramp. Crimson Wrath revs the engine to what seems to be his absolute limit as the pyros go off. From behind the wall of smoke and light, Crimson Wrath appears. He walks down toward the ring with a cocky grin on his face. He slides into the ring and raises his arms high in the air as the crowd greets him with a chorus of boos.
Song: Heaven Shall Burn - The Weapon They Fear
Tag Team: The Killaz (CW & DD)
Tag Entrance: Korn-Here To Stay
Finishers: 304, Brutalizer
Trademarks: Killa Chokeslam, East Coast Slam

Ring Attire:

At the age of 18 Crimson was taken in as an apprentice of an ex-red beret and trained in the art of American Commando Sambo. As an aspiring mercenary, Crimson Wrath trained endlessly for two until he was ready to pursue the profession he always wanted. Being a heartless cold-blooded killer was definably a job that suited him. With the help of comrades he decimated town after town, wearing down the enemy forces that opposed his superiors. Though he was good at what he did, he had a bounty on his head and he knew it'd only be a matter of time before he'd end up with a bullet in his skull. The only option left was to regain a low profile, so he turned to the job of an assassin. It was then he truly honed his skills in the art of killing. He was never very discrete at what he did, he grew interested in many different fighting styles, boxing being the one enjoyed most. No one was ever able to escape his wrath, from shooting them to bits with his trusty 44 magnum or ripping their heart out with a single blow. Eventually the time came that some one had finally caught up with him. He encountered a bounty hunter seeking only his corpse; he was shot 5 times in the chest and stabbed several dozen times. CW was denounced dead. However an unknown observer saw what had just happened and killed the bounty hunter and stole CW’s body. There was top-secret experiment held by an unknown group of scientists that involved the making of a “superhuman”. After his body was injected with a substance created by the group he soon found himself alive and healed. He soon found out he was being observed by this nefarious group and was told he was “the lucky one”. Not long after the strange ordeal, CW found himself working with sambo again. Only this time he was training the National Guard. It is where he gained the name Crimson Wrath from all the students who got their faces bashed in. He was as merciless as always, not accepting failure. His students always found it peculiar that a man of his build was so incredibly strong but there were reasons. He was eventually fired due to murdering several dozen people in the course of a couple years. He soon realized his wallet was going dry; he needed a new profession so he began to broadcast his fighting skills in underground fighting federations. It wasn't long after he began dominating the street fighting business before he received a contract from ATW. He hesitated with the offer but came to the realization that it was one he couldn't deny. It is said he is in his late forties or early fifties but most of his past remains a mystery. Though he's a fierce wrestler, sometimes his boxing skills will kick in. Which makes him double the trouble; he's not in the wrestling business for any pansy choreographed slams. He's here to fight like he always has, and brutalizing his opponents is first on his agenda.

List of people the Killaz have Killed off!

AJ Gators
Apple Muncher
Big One
Blitz Bomber
Carl Perkins
Carlos Omse
Chris The Truth Schulz
CJ Aussie
Coop DeVille
Death Rider
Diablo Knight
DJ Nerate
Dodgy Kiwi
Dr. Skellington
Iron Golem
Jade Deathstrike
Jimmy The Big Hit Lee
Jerry G
Joey The Volcano Krakatoa
Kim Sousa
King Dragon
Magnus Maximus
Man Beast Nick
Marlon Brandon
Max Mayhem
Mercury Storm
Nuclear Lolita
Powerhouse Powell
Rajiv Ratan
Rated R Shwan Star
Roah The Conqueror
Ryan Ice
Swift Silver
The Phenomenal Nekko-Styles
The Pro
The Red Wolf
Tiby Don
TNT Travis N Thompson
Tripple HHH
Tyrone Davidson
White Devil
Wolf Destroyer
Zeus Dark Warrior

The path of destruction will continue....

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2 Re: Unleash The Wrath on Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:21 am

Kickass Entrance vid by NavenX

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