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Action's PPV RP

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1Action's PPV RP Empty Action's PPV RP on Fri Mar 18, 2011 5:25 pm


The Tron fades in from black to show Chris "Action" Jackson sitting in a nice leather chair while wearing a suit. He clears his throat and begins to talk.

CAJ: Welcome everyone. I thought I would just get some thoughts out to the public before I go out there and win the Title. First off, I must give Wolvian his due the kid knows how to wrestle. But if you haven't noticed this is a four way match. And out of my three opponents I am the one with the most experience in capitalizing on opportunities such as these.

Chris grabs a glass filled with whiskey and takes a sip.

CAJ: Voltz, the forgotten one of this match, I am sorry for taking the title that you seem to really want. I also must say thank you, without you I wouldn't be in this match. Just remember that match and that you truly cannot hang with the Action.

CAJ takes another sip.

CAJ: Shawn I know you got some big mission from T-Wolf and all that. Fine you can go about stopping the wolf pup all you want but if you think that taking the title that belongs around these Action-tastic Abs is a good idea, or will create order. You sir are dead wrong. If you thought Wolvian was bad with the Title then just try and imagine what I would be like without it. And finally Wolvian, be prepared for a new and improved Action tonight. And after I win the belt remember that I am where the Action truly lies!

CAJ poses for the camera as it fades to black.

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