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A Focused Vincent Speaks...

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1A Focused Vincent Speaks... Empty A Focused Vincent Speaks... on Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:20 am

Shawn Vincent

Shawn Vincent
Camera fades in to see Shawn Vincent, deep within the bowels of the arena, sitting on the floor with his back to the camera. There is a strange blue glow emanating from in front of him. As the camera gets closer, we hear him speak…

SV: I will do whatever it takes…

He turns around and realizes the cameraman is there. The blue glow disappears as he turns and rises to face the camera.

SV: Wolvian, I’ve just been communicating with your father, T-Wolf. Even though it pains him greatly, he has given me carte blanche to do whatever I need to do to end your reign of terror. Voltz, Action, I am sorry that you both are part of this as I have no quarrel with either of you. All I can ask is for you two to stay out of my way so I can destroy Wolvian and restore some semblance of order to this chaos ridden place. If you do get in my way, your fate will be as his, total annihilation.

Vincent looks down at the cold, hard concrete for a moment, then looks back up at the camera.

SV: Wolvian, you have not yet seen my best. After tonight, however, you won’t even be able to remember my best, much less your own name. See you in the ring.

Vincent slowly sits back down, facing away from the camera. The mysterious blue glow returns as we fade out to commercial.

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