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Mafia gets ready for the match

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1Mafia gets ready for the match  Empty Mafia gets ready for the match on Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:26 am

Ghetto Blaster

Ghetto Blaster
Pandora walks in to the Mafia's locker room once again getting lost while trying to find the Mafia she runs into Ghetto Blaster's girls.

Girl:What are you doing here? No, Ghetto's not hiring, we make enough money for him.

Pandora:( looking at the girl ) Look I'm here to conduct an interview now where are they?

The girl points down the hallway and she walks into the room she see Ghetto talking to Ghost.

GB: I believe you own me a payment?

Ghost: what payment William said it was a gift?

GB: The gift was that she was half off, you still own me $500 dollars.

Ghost: Where can I get that much from?

GB: Thats not my problem but I'm a understanding person you have until the end of the PPV.

Ghost gets up and runs out of the locker room. Pandora comes in and start talking to Ghetto.

Pandora: What is your mindset going into your match tonight since you and William both suffered your first lost on Fear Factory?

GB: Lost? we never lost anything me and Will both decided it was in out best interest to allow our opponents the win since we have something more important on the line tonight.

Pandora: Ok speaking of your match tonight Wildthing might be injured and there's a rumor that you might have something to do with it?

GB: Now it's sad to hear about that but honestly, I don't think he's injured. He's just scared because the real champs are taking the belts tonight.

Pandora: ok thank you now where can I find William without running into any more of your employees?

GB: Just follow the money. Oh and people ask me my thoughts about Japan, hey my girls got out ok they need to rebuild and not make it a world wide story when it was a poor black country you never see this much press.

Pandora walks down another hallway looking for William.

2Mafia gets ready for the match  Empty Re: Mafia gets ready for the match on Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:10 pm


Pandora finally finds William Bergeron in his special office. She knocks on the slightly closed door. William yells "come in". Pandora enters the room

Pandora: Hello Will. How are are?

Bergeron: Am good actually. I feel positive vibes around me tonight.

Pandora: Oh ok. What are your thoughts on the slaughter house match?

Bergeron: I can't believe that our boss is such a genius. I love dangerous matches. This will be fun for me.

Pandora: I like that response. I just asked your partner most of the question. I want to ask you something though. Did you pay for the gift in full?

Bergeron: What gift? Oh for Ghost. No I didn't but I guess I can do him a favor. He owes me big time though.

Pandora: Ok, I actually thought of another question. Are you going to do anything crazy or outragous?

Bergeron: I would say but I don't want to spoil my plans to the fans. I got to go, I need to get ready for this important match.

Pandora: Ok, Thank you for your time. Did you say you will give Ghost a favor?

Bergeron: Oh I almost forget.

William Bergeron takes out a key and unlocks a draw of his desk. He takes money and hands it over to Pandora. Locks draw back up. Pandora walks off but before she can get to the door. William Bergeron speaks.

Bergeron: Make sure you bring that straight to Ghetto Blaster. Don't tell him I gave it to you for Ghost

Pandora nods and walks out the door. She see Ghetto Blaster at the other end of the locker room. She begins to walk towards him.

Pandora: Hey, Ghetto. I have something for you.

Pandora hands the money to Ghetto Blaster.

Ghetto Blaster: Thank you but where did you get the money?

Pandora: I met with him and he was able to find the extra money somewhere.

Ghetto Blaster: I have a feeling Will paid, but I don't care. He has a plan for Ghost. Thanks again.

Pandora nods and leaves the locker room.

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