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Dirty Rotten Punk

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1Dirty Rotten Punk Empty Dirty Rotten Punk on Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:55 am

Eternal Eclipse

Eternal Eclipse
*Eternal Eclipse is seen backstage with his father. The corporate billionaire, Carter Bilodeau Sr. EE is working a punching bag while his father begins talking.*

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: Congratulations son! You made it too the big show. How are you feeling?

Eternal Eclipse: How do you think I feel?

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: I would imagine you would be excited.

*Eternal Eclipse abruptly stops.*

Eternal Eclipse: Why?! I deserve to be here. Don't you think I belong here?

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: Yes. I believe you worked very hard to get to this point.

Eternal Eclipse: I don't need to work hard. Everything comes to me so easily. Hard work is for people who don't have a chance in life. I am natural born skill with training on the side. It may make me a stronger and more strategic fighter, but it didn't make me any better than I was. People who work are chumps and suckers!

*Carter Bilodeau Sr. Looks sternly at his son. The way a father looks he catches his son doing something bad.*

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: I think it is time for you to get off your high horse and come to reality. I worked hard to get to where I am today. If I never worked for a living you would not be where you are today!

*EE shallowly looks over to his father.*

Eternal Eclipse: I think it's time for YOU to get off the high horse. I could manage just fine without you. Your money is the only thing I needed out of you.

*Silence passes through the room. You could have heard a pin drop.*

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: I'm glad the truth has finally come out. I really hope you win that championship tonight. If it is truly all that is important to you any more.

*Carter Bilodeau Sr turns to leave but is stopped by his son*

Eternal Eclipse: It is all that is important to me. Have you not heard anything I have told you over the last few weeks? This will signify my dominance and skill. It proves I am the best! Don't you realize what that means to me?!

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: Dirty rotten tricks is not dominance! It is flat out absurd! Your obsession with this has caused you to lose sight of what's right! If you have to hurt a person like Adam Nedman to get to where you want in life, then fine! Become a snot nosed, spoiled rotten punk for all I care!

*Carter Bilodeau marches out of the room and looks back. Before slamming the door, he says one last thing.*

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: I'm only good for my money anyways.

*Eternal Eclipse is left alone to ponder on his situation.*

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