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It's not what you think

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1It's not what you think Empty It's not what you think on Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:35 pm

Vivica Lockhart

Vivica Lockhart
The camera switches to the back of the arena with pandora is applying make-up and she is looking paranoid...
Cameraman: Are you ok?

Pandora: Ok!, how can I be ok when someone is after me!!
Cameraman: Maybe they forgot about it.
Pandora: Yeah,yeah, maybe they did!
VL: No we didn't!

Vivica Lockhart comes unexpectedly behind the door looking straight at pandora, pandora becomes frighten and starts to run...the cameraman tries to stop Vivica but get kneed to the gut,then goes on pursuit after pandora.Pandora reaches the arena exit door, but was stopped by Naven X, she turns around and is in shock as Vivica is standing right behind her
Pandora: Oh my god...I never...

VL: You didn't think I wasn't going to go after you..did you?..NOW!!!

Pandora covers face as Vivica hands her a letter
VL: I want you to send this as charity to help the people overseas from that devastating Tsunami attack!

Pandora seems confused then calms down and takes the check
Pandora: Th...thank you I'll let them know.

VL: Good, oh and another thing.
Vivica hits pandora with an uppercut to the chin knocking her out..Vivica wispers to her ear

VL: Never, mess with other people's business or you will get hurt!

Vivica leaves Pandora lying on the ground....

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