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Travis has a few messages

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1 Travis has a few messages on Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:54 pm

Travis Touchdown's titantron is played in the PPV arena, where the capacity crowd erupts like a volcano as they hear Travis' theme being blasted through the arena's speakers. Travis rides down the ramp on his Schpeltiger bike and rolls around the ring a few times before stopping and stepping ofo it. He walks in the ring holding a mic in his hand and the undefeated title on his shoulders.

Travis Touchdown: How are you doing tonight ATW universe?

The crowd screams and start chanting Travis' name.

Travis Touchdown: Seems like you're all ready for the biggest show in ATW. It's going to be incredible, we're going to have AnthraX defend his title against Khaos, Adam Nedman facing Eternal Eclipse for the ReEvolution title match.

As Travis names each of these matches the crowd cheers and screems after each title name

Travis Touchdown: And after that we're going to have a lot of people on the ring, three men for the Synthetic Breed Title, four for the World Archetype Title and finally a huge event with not two, not three, and don't even think about four because it's going to be... SIX tag teams fighting to win the prestigious Double Helix Tag Team Titles

As the crowd hears this unbelievable match, they start going crazy and scream for a long time, whistling, shouting "YEAAAH!" and " WO WO WO WO!"

Travis Touchdown: And let's not forget our GM, Phenom who will lose in a handicap match against Naven X and the delicious Vivica Lockhart. Now you're wondering why I'm predicting he will lose. Well I will talk about this later. First of all, you might have seen recently in the news on TV or heard on the radio what happened in Japan. Two big climate disasters: a terrible earthquake followed by a big tsunami. You all know that Japan is a small island, therefore it's a huge toll for them to take all these catastrophes at once. Thousands of people have died in this tragedy and it is not over as they currently face a new nightmare: nuclear explosions and leaking. Therefore I urge everyone to help this nation the best way they can. You can donate your money, or go over there to try help those people who are in need of it. To all my fans over there and their families, my thoughts go to you. Like me stay strong and stay undefeated. I've also had my ups and downs, but I always prevailed and kept a mind of steel to endure and go over every obstacles. I understand your pain Japan and I dedicate tonight's match to you. Now if you please, I would like all of us to have one minute of silence for all of the people over there

The whole ATW arena is quiet. Only a few shout "Thank you Travis", "We love you Travis". One minute goes by.

Travis Touchdown: Thank you very much everybody.

The crowd applauds

Travis Touchdown: So, as I was saying earlier on, Phenom has a handicap match, that he'll lose. First of all he can't take two people at once. Secondly, Phenom, the ATW GM, is a coward. Yes, a coward. Why, you ask. Very simple, the other night as I asked for a match, he brutaly assaulted my baby and coach, Sylvia. She's now recovering in the nearby hospital. The doctors said her condition is stable and that she'll be back in a few days. Phenom can only thank the gods that she's ok, or else this would've gotten personal. Vivica if you're hearing me, beware of Phenom, he's a coward and easily goes after women. I know that you're strong and you'll end him easily.

The crowd boos as they hear all of the story about Phenom

Travis Touchdown: Phenom, like I told you before, I'm slowly taking over this company. You've showed to the whole ATW universe and to all your employees backstage what a weak man you are. You're GM status is standing on very thin ice. Taking it from you will not be hard. I will find the necessary help to do what I need to do to accomplish my goal.

The crowd chants Travis name

Travis Touchdown: With that said, tonight ladies and gentleman, I'm here to once again defend my title in front of you, to stay undefeated once again and to...

As Travis is about to end his sentence, Jack Ammo's theme is played.

OOC: Jack Ammo you can do your stuff Wink

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2 Re: Travis has a few messages on Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:50 pm

*Jack just slowly walks down to the ring as the crowd cheers. Ammo steps into the ring and starts talking.*

Jack:Travis...I like the way you think. That natural disaster in Japan was a horrible thing. That is why i'm donating my whole paycheck to the shelters around Japan. Now before I leave...

*Jack hold his hand out*

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3 Re: Travis has a few messages on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:36 pm

Travis Touchdown: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Who the hell are you? How dare you cut me while I address to the whole ATW universe? Not only do you cut me, but you cut me just to say that you're giving money to Japan. Ok, ok, I'm very happy for you, good initiative. But do we have business together? I have a big match tonight to defend my championship, so unless you're my opponent tonight, I'll ask you to leave this ring and never come back in front of me and never and I mean NEVER cut me while I'm speaking. Did you understand everything I just said?

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4 Re: Travis has a few messages on Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:09 am

*Jack smiles, chuckles a bit, then holds the mic to his mouth*

Jack:I see a flaw in your message. I AM your opponent.

*Jack's face gets serious*

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5 Re: Travis has a few messages on Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:29 am

Travis Touchdown stops, slowly turns his head towards Jack and has a big smile on his face.

Travis Touchdown: Really? Well, well, well, that's even better, I have my opponent served on a silver plate. This title is so prestigious I don't even have to call out people, they come on their own trying to grab it. However I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you're going home empty handed as I will once again prevail in front of all those watching tonight's biggest show in the world. So get in your corner in the ring, warm up and be ready to face the mat in a few minutes as I crush you down for the victory.

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6 Re: Travis has a few messages on Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:02 am

Jack:Hey, wait you will not be undefeated and you will not be champ. Tonight, beers are on me!

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7 Re: Travis has a few messages on Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:06 am

Travis Touchdown: You seem certain about that. And what makes you think that I will not be champion tonight? What makes you think that I will not defeat you like I defeated every... single... person that faced me? I'm smarter, faster and stronger than you'll ever be in your whole career. So come on give me a good reason... let the whole ATW universe hear it.

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8 Re: Travis has a few messages on Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:13 am

Jack:If i could i would make this a NO HOLDS BARRED!

*the crowd cheers*

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9 Re: Travis has a few messages on Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:22 am

Travis looks at Jack in a weird way.

Travis Touchdown: Hello! Are you hearing me?? First of all you didn't even answered my question. Second you're not a GM, so unfortunatly you cannot do that. I have more chance of being ATW's new GM than you do. And finally, you would want a no holds barred match? You would want me to punish you even more than I could in a simple one fall match? Are you crazy, stupid or you just like to feel pain?

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10 Re: Travis has a few messages on Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:27 am

Jack:ok answer to 1, i've been training for this. I knew i would have to end you sometime, and #2 is im not stupid I'm used to that type of match.

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11 Re: Travis has a few messages on Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:32 am

Travis Touchdown: Really you've been training for this. Well let me tell you this Jack: no training is enough to beat the undefeated champion that I am. But now it's time to put that weak training of yours to the test. You want to prove that you're better than me, that you could handle a no holds barred match, well let's see it. Let this match begin now. Come on ref ring the bell!

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