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Three little Pigs and little red riding hood

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1Three little Pigs and little red riding hood Empty Three little Pigs and little red riding hood on Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:58 am


Shadow's arrange themself slowly into the form of a candle flickering. The camera slowly zooms out to show Wolvian's half sister standing in Wolvian's empty throne room. The only light in the room is the candle she holds. She aproaches the throne slowly as she is looking for something. Suddenly all the candles in the room roar with an explosion of fire. The flames char the wall near were they are at. The little girl quickly spins around to see Wolvian standing there.

Wolvian: Ah dear little half sister! Sneaking around in the shadows trying to find something?

The little girl stands there for a second scared.

Girl: Wolvian you have to turn away from the darkness before it's too late!

Wolvian: Uh in case you didnt hear me last time we spoke, I will repeat my self! So Listen up this time! It Is Too Late! I belong to the darkness, and there is nothing you can do to stop me or it! In fact I think it's about time you learned the true power of the darkness!

The little girl looks confused.

Wolvian: Paladins take her to Level Six!

The two paladins walk out of the shadows and grab the little girl's arms. They begin to drag her off into the shadows.

Girl: Please no don't!

Wolvian ignores her as she slips into the shadows. He then walks over to the chess board that sits infront of his throne. He grabs a white pawn that is sitting on the board and tosses it into a fire of one of the candles. He then turns back towards the board.

Wolvian: Tonight I will grab the brass ring and beat the ever loathing hell out of the other three chumps with it to retain my title! I have reviewed the tapes of Shawn Vincent, and Chris Jackson's past accomplishments! I have trained all season learning to counter every single one of there moves. I have had been so focused that I almost forgot about the Apple that fell from the tree.

Wolvian grabs the little apple piece from the chess board and looks at it before tossing it into the flames.

Wolvian: Voltzandre tonight you will pay for your attack on me after my steel cage match with Wildthing! You call your self a Demon killer! Well here is some news for you, I'm not a demon! I am darker, more destructive, toughest Soul less monster you will ever step in the ring with! Prepare your soul Voltzandre for tonight I dine on it!

Wolvian then looks at the rest of the board and quickly grabs it and tosses the whole board into the flames. As the board crackles and smoulders with in the fire Wolvian begins to laugh. He steps up to his throne and sits down.

Wolvian: Tonight the numbers are out numbered against me. I face three men who all want to destroy me.

Wolvian pauses and stands up and takes off the title from around his waist. He lays it at the foot of his throne.

Wolvian: I am so glad to see that hate, anger and rage has filled all of your hearts! As you three let the darkness into your soul, It gives me the advantage! See Chris, you are already close to being engulfed by the darkness! Your greed for the title, and your vanity has made you weak! Shawn Vincent, your pride will be your down fall here tonight! You claim you're here to try to stop me all you want. But the truth is you're here for the title as well! You want to relive past glory as well! But I have news for you both. You washed up has beens will never defeat me! So prepare your souls, for tonight they get devoured by the Darkness!

Wolvian sits down with a grin on his face as the camera fades to black.

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