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New Blood is back!

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1New Blood is back! Empty New Blood is back! on Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:12 am


(few matches before tag team match)
Connor Danielson: I have a word from backstage that one of the tag teams arrived, Lets see who they are? Cameras are in place.

Cameraman shows backstage as Sparda and Max Cavalera rides in with their custom choppers. They get off their bikes, take their bags and walk to the backstage area.

Christian Ghost: Well New Blood are in place. So we know that they will not screw us up!

(before the match)


It seems like a thunder has just stroke!
Suddenly high flames light on, as though the ‘Tron was set to fire! On titantrone a blood flows down revealing the logo of New Blood!
Sparda and Max Cavalera slowly walks down the ramp as the whole entrance and ring is covered with smoke. Max slides in the ring. Sparda climbs up on a post and Max climbs on the secound rope. They both shows up the DEVIL HORNS sign as fans loudly booos them!

Max takes the mic

Max: Well well well what do we have here? Such a crapy PPV i havent seen since - well since the last time this federation had a PPV.

Fans start to booo even louder.

Christian Ghost: Auch tough words.
Connor Danielson: And fans dont agree. Nor do I!

Max: Oh SHUT THE (censored) UP! You all know how great we are. Last week the "champs" were kissing our boots as we kicked their arses all over the ring. And tonight we will be 10 time WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WHOLE F'n' WORLD.

(Now it is time for someone to come in and confront us verbally)

2New Blood is back! Empty Re: New Blood is back! on Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:03 am


Just as Max and Sparda were taunting the fans; the song We Will Rock You sung by Guns N' Roses is heard and an image is seen on the titatron.

New Blood is back! Newgenerationlogo

Wildthing and Kim Anderson make their way out from behind the curtain and Wildthing ask a stage hand for a microphone at the top of the ramp stage.

Wildthing: You know what Max, you are right.

The crowd is stunned to hear those words.

Wildthing: You are right, me and Kim got the stuffing beat out of us. You are right that you are good. And you are absolutley right that these people love to boo New Blood because you obviously are going to have to get through The New Generation which you perhaps you stole the 'new' part. But there is just one thing you aren't right about and that is becoming the next tag team champions.

The crowd cheers for New Generation waving their hand made posters and new Generation gear.

Wildthing: So here is something that I would like to ask. Are you ready to step into the ring with New Generation and four other teams. Because tonight whether or not New Generation is comming for something worth more than gold and that is payback.

Wildthing tosses the microphone and follows Kim Anderson to the backstage.

3New Blood is back! Empty Re: New Blood is back! on Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:56 am


Max shouts loudly in the mic.

Max: Hey you Piece of Crap. Dont turn your back on me. Im not done with you. We will get those belts and beat the (censored) out of all those tag teams. And believe me. I personally will break your freaking neck with my Brain Damager. And my pal Sparda here will cut you open like a chicken. You will be a history like Japan in few weeks.

Fans start to booo even louder. They start to throw garbage on the stage.

Connor Danielson: Man i havent seen such a crowd reaction! New Blood really stepped over the line with mentoning the tragedy in Japan.

(Sorry about that if someone is from Japan. I read all the news and my thoughts are with you. I wish the best to you. It is just a promo and i have a heel character)

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