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Sunami relief

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1Sunami relief Empty Sunami relief on Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:15 pm


The camera opens in the dark dwellings of Wolvian. He sits upon his throne with a chessboard in front of him. When a scared looking relief worker stumbles in.

Worker: Excuse me, I am taking donations for the earthquake and tsunami relief. Would you like to donate some money to aid in this cause?

The Worker holds out a tin can with his shaking hand. Wolvian looks up from his board and raises an eyebrow.

Wolvian: Seriously? You want me to give you money for a thing I caused? You want me to help out those people that I destroyed? You dare come into my home and ask me for money?

Wolvian stands up and walks over to the aid worker. He grabs the can from his hand.

Wolvian: You want a donation? Well how is this for charitable, Paladins take him away to the pit!

Two Paladins step out of the shadows and drag the man into another cave that horrible terrifing screams can be heard bellowing from. The man lets out a screech of terror. Wolvian looks in the can. He then empties the money into his hand and puts it into his pocket.

Wolvian: Paladin come here a second!

A paladin returns into the room. Wolvian hands him the can.

Wolvian: When your done with him, Put his ashes in this can and send them to his family!

The Paladin takes the can and leaves the room. Wolvian then returns to his throne and begins to look deeply into the chess board.

Wolvian: Charity? I think not!

The camera fades out on the chess board to see a Red king standing sorounded by a Blue Knight, a White Bishop, and an Apple.

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