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I need to be the one! (Also, I'm retarded)

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1I need to be the one! (Also, I'm retarded) Empty I need to be the one! (Also, I'm retarded) on Sun Mar 13, 2011 7:50 pm


The camera turns on to show the training room. TheHero is sitting on a weight bench with the back turned to the camera. He's lifting some dumbbells.

TheHero: "...41...42...43..."

A loud bang is heard on the door and the camera shifts focus to the door handle. It's turned and the door is flung open by an angry looking Hack3r. He has the Synthetic Breed title belt hanging over one shoulder. He storms into the room and throws his title onto one of the benches.

Hack3r: Guess what I've just heard?

There is a brief moment of silence before Hack3r continues his rant.

Hack3r: That's right. I've just been looking on the official ATW fan forum and there's been a thread that says I'm not a fit champion.

He begins to pace up and down the room.

Hack3r: D'you know why? Apparently it seems having someone save your ass at every possibility without even asking them to is a bad thing for a champion to do.

Hack3r sits down on the bench next to his title and a silence falls between the two friends.

Hack3r: Well? What have you got to say?

TheHero lays down the dumbbell and turns towards Hack3r.

TheHero: What I have to say? Are you kidding me? You know full well that I was protecting you. You would've got squashed by that so called "God of Justice" Tyr. Do you actually think you could've faced him in the shape you were in? You know I actually care about my friends and their well-being.

Hack3r stares at TheHero in disbelief.

Hack3r: You're kidding me right? You're actually trying to justify that? Maybe I wouldn't have survived but I'm a god damn champion. Possibility the finest there is. I need to do stuff myself so just butt out yeah?

The song "Booty Call" by The Midnight Beast is heard and Hack3r reaches down into his pocket and pulls out his mobile phone. He puts it to his ear.

Hack3r: Yeah? Oh really? Are you sure that's a good idea? See I don't know though, it sounds a bit risky.

Hack3r raises up his left hand and gestures as if it's a mouth.

Hack3r: Right ok. So that's the last call then? Eugh, fine.

The British kid presses a button on his phone and pushes it back into the pocket of his jeans.

Hack3r: We've got a tag match tonight. You ready?

TheHero wavers for a second.

TheHero: I'm always ready to kick some butts. Let's do it.

Hack3r stands up with determination on his face.

Hack3r: That's what I like to hear!

The pair go to walk out of the room but Hack3r grabs TheHero by the shoulder and turns him around.

Hack3r: One last thing, about tonight? I'm the champion. I think it's only fair I get the win. That clear?

Before TheHero has time to reply Hack3r pushes past him and walks out into the corridor and out of sight. The camera fades to black.

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