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Voltzandre Bio

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1Voltzandre Bio Empty Voltzandre Bio on Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:19 am


Wrestler's Name: Voltzandre
Nickname: Demon Killer
Wrestler's Height: 6'4
Wrestler's Weight: 218lb
Wrestler's Age: 21
Wrestler's Attitude: Im like a rockstar , Im the sexy boy
Heel/Face/Tweener: Popular Heel - Showman

Wrestler's History:
This little boy when he was little he were in an accident and his parents die and grow up alone with nobody in the streets when he was hungry he steal food.

someday he was walking and he look that something was happening in the coliseum and he went he climb the coliseum to see what happen and he go to the top and he look that people was wrestling and he like it he went to all the wrestling fight that happen in that coliseum some days the guards cacht him and take him out, and all the days he was training to be like that a wrestler and one they there was a tournament in that coliseum and he want to fight but he need money for the incription and he found a guitar in the garbage and he learn how to play and he get money playing in the streets and he get in the tournament and he won !!!.

Now he is in real business and he aint losing time with jober he is going for the title in every fed tahth he have been and now ATW is his next place to live and party like never

Wrestler's Finishers:
F - Killer Stunner : voltzandre lifts the opponent on his shoulders
and make a stunner in the air executing a devastating F-killerstunner - direct damage

Andre's Lock :voltzandre get in the back of his opponent and take a lock in the opponents head
and put his legs in to the waist of his opponent and start doind pressure executing a devastating Andre's Lock - submission

Demon Crusher: Lifts his opponents in his shoulders in a powerbomb position and raises his opponent with both arms and slams the opponents neck first executing a devastating Demon Crusher - direct damage

Wrestler's Taunts:
Cool And Sexy boy :voltzandre Start Jumping And Show His Muscle executing A The Cool An Sexy Boy

Time to finish him :voltzandre Start To Jump And Target Him With The Finger executing A Time To Finish Him

Wrestler's Trademarks:
Voltzplash - voltzandre climbs the turnbuckle spotting his opponent lying on the mat
and leaps on his opponent lying across the ring, doing a mid-air backwards rotation, executing a devastating Voltzplash!!!!

Thunder Falling - voltzandre blocks his rival, and easily lifts him up on his shoulder
and drops him backwards while throwing him so that he flips forward and lands on his back executing a devastating Thunder Falling!!!!

Volting Hell - voltzandre grabs his opponent under his legs
and drops him head first to connect with a devastating Volting Hell!!!!!

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

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Trademarks and FInishere edited !

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Voltzandre Bio Hellix

Season One Best Fued Of the Season

The Darkness Vs A.A.T.O.

Voltzandre Bio Hellix

Season One Most Fucked Up Moment Of The Season

A.A.T.O. Eating Python Burgers

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Naven X

Naven X

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