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An answer would be nice...

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1An answer would be nice... Empty An answer would be nice... on Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:27 pm


Tyr is shown in the backstage area, seemingly on his way to the ring, as Andrea walks by with a microphone in hand. She takes position a couple of inches next to him and follows the big man, a little scary look on her face.

Andrea: Tyr, may I ask you a couple of questions before your match?

The wargod stops and looks down to her. His mask hides every emotion that may be depicted on his face, and his black leather coat makes it difficult to read his body language. But he finally responds, and his voice is deep, but relaxed.

Tyr: Don't be afraid of me. You shouldn't think I will attack you just because of what I did to TheHero last week...

Obviously these words cause a big relief for Andrea, as her voice looses a lot of stress.

Andrea: So... Why did you take TheHero out with that violent DDT last week?

Tyr makes a noise that may very well be a laughter, but again his mask hides every sign of confirmation.

Tyr: He deserved it.

Andrea: Why?

The voice of the wargod gets deeper, and a little anger mixes into it.

Tyr: Because this was none of his business!

Andrea's head sloping aside, making her face a big question mark.

Andrea: He just wanted to help his friend! Hack3r has barely finished his match by the time you came out and threatened him! So you...

Tyr interrupts her, pointing her nose with his forefinger. His voice and body now clearly tell the story of the fury in his chest.

Tyr: I had every right to challenge Mr. Hack3r last week! If he would have refused to fight this very same night, I would have backed up. But that jerk TheHero got himself into it, while our so-called "champion", Mr. Hack3r, stood by and watched, and eventually even ran away! The challenge is still out there, but if Mr. Hack3r refuses to answer it, then someday there will be no one left to fight his battles! Now get away from me, I have a match now and I don't want my opponent to lose because he got bored!

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