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Just a warm up (After Match)

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1Just a warm up (After Match) Empty Just a warm up (After Match) on Sat Mar 05, 2011 9:14 pm

Eternal Eclipse

Eternal Eclipse
OOC: Sorry if I missed the rp date. I have been very busy lately.

Eternal Eclipse grabs a mic from the ring announcer and steps back into the ring.

Eternal Eclipse: I hope that was entertaining for you people! This is the face of the most dominant wrestler in the business. The true champion stands before you!

EE voice turns hoarse and angry.

Eternal Eclipse: Yet I don't hold gold around my waist! Adam Nedman! You are the champion of this fed! In my mind it is undeserving. A true dominant superstar addresses his people. He wins all the time every time. That is the definition of me! It's my turn to step up to the top! Time for you to step down and let the king take his rightful place among the stars of ATW!

EE leaves the ring and walks up the ramp

Eternal Eclipse: Heed my warning to you Adam Nedman! Prepare yourself for a true living hell!

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