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The germanic god of war and justice

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1The germanic god of war and justice Empty The germanic god of war and justice on Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:36 am


Entrance attire: On his way to the ring, Tyr wears a black leather coat with a hood covering his face.
Ring attire: In the ring, Tyr wears black clothings, with his longsleeve shirt being almost abusively printed with a lot of armor parts that almost make it look like it is a real armor. Also he covers his face with a black skull mask.

Announced from: Asgard
Attitude: Face, seeking for justice

Growing tired from sitting around his fellow Æsir in Valhall, he decided to return to Midgard. There he wants to fight new opponets as training for his battle against Garm at Ragnarok. He shares the part of being the germanic god of war with Odin, but other than him, Tyr trusts in his own fighting abilities and despises the use of any kind of magic within his battles. On the other hand he stands for justice, and truly believes that justice will strike on anybody committing a crime. The best proof for this is his own body:
On the very prelude to Ragnarok thousands of years ago, the Æsir had to gain control over Fenrir, a huge wolf that was driven by indefinite hunger. Fenrir even started eating the very foundation of Asgard, the home of the Æsir. The Æsir knew that they couldn't kill Fenrir due to the prophecy of the Vanir, so they decided to catch and confine him. Several attempts failed because of Fenrir's evergrowing powers. Eventually they wanted him to ultimately test his strength; Fenrir should try to burst the magic chain Gleipnir. Fenrir suspected a betrayal and asked for a pawn in case he couldn't destroy it as well. So Tyr, the bravest of the Æsir and aware of what was about to happen, offered to put his right hand into Fenrir's mouth. The wolf accepted this offer, and the Æsir applied Gleipnir around his body.
Fenrir quickly discovered that his distrust was vindicated: the chain tightened up, the more he fought it, the more Gleipnir shrunk around himself. Furious anger ran through his veins, and he immediately claimed his pawn, ripping Tyr's hand off the arm.
Tyr was sure to have overcome the problems he had in Asgard with only one hand. He took over a human body, worked on and with it as hard as he could and began training several techniques of fighting. However, only a few weeks after he joined the Galactic Wrestling Alliance, one of his opponents shocked him in his very foundations. Cyrius Payne attacked him after a tag team match, eventually shattering the bones in his right hand with several strikes with a steel chair. Tyr was brutally shocked.
Nevertheless, he refused to give up. The next week, he and Cyrius Payne fought in a crueling last man standing match for the number one contender spot for the Eclipse Title. Due to the broken hand, Payne emerged victorious and became Eclipse Champion at the following Pay-Per-View. Tyr felt betrayed.
The next season, both men were engaged in a brutal rivalry, but they didn't get to touch each other one-on-one. It came to a conclusion at the following Pay-Per-View, with the Eclipse Title on the line. They started fighting in the backstage area already, without either of them able to gain the upper hand. It didn't take long and both found themselves in some sort of a sword fight with singapoor canes, but none of them could land a single hit. At the entrance stage, the canes collided hard enough to break into hundreds of pieces, and Tyr and Cyrius were crawling to the ring, both exhausted from this dangerous fight. After some seconds of recovery, the match was officially started, and this time, Tyr quickly got the upper hand and refused to let his momentum be taken away from him again. For the second time, justice stroke, and this time it was in Tyr's favor. Payne was able to withstand a lot of attacks, but he couldn't hit his opponent only once during their match, and eventually he couldn't beat the three-count anymore. Tyr was crowned the new Eclipse Champion, and since then he eradicated his weakest point of mind.
After that, he developed a new finishing maneuver, the VERDICT OF GUILTY. According to him, this submission hold affects those who are guilty, with our without being charged, but leaves the innocent without harm. In his mind, if someone taps out to this, the guilt is fully paid and the debt is balanced again.
Now being a part of Archetype Wrestling, he seeks opponents strong enough to beat him in fair contest - just to increase his ability of developing and adjust his own fighting style to eventually be the best fighter in Midgard!

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