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Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson
OOC: Naven is amazing at making music videos

"Bring Me Back To Life" by Evanescence blasts into the area and the fans feel confused as no one in the roster has this as a theme. But when they see the motorbike appear on the stage they cheer. The audience now know that this song is Kim Anderson's new theme as it was the young Canadian now riding on her motorbike down the ramp way and around the ring. After finishing her drive around the Canadian parked the bike by the steps before sliding under the bottom rope into the ring. Once there Kim smiled lightly to the fans before looking quite serious. She is wearing a black leather mini skirt with matching unzipped jacket, that partly covers the violet v-neck she's wearing. Anderson then pulled out a microphone, from her jacket, and held it to her lips before beginning to speak.

Kim: Hi everybody.

The crowd cheered back at her in response. This caused the female to begin gigglng and smile again before speaking into the microphone.

Kim: On Fear Factory me and Wild got screwed by Max Pain... but last week I promised a message to Phenom and right now I'll give him one.

The audience cheered for the young woman after hearing the words she spoke and Kim didn't waste time in saying her next few words.

Kim: But Phenom... I want you out here, now...that's right, I'm calling you out to this ring! So come on out... boss.

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