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The Renegade at Ringside...

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1The Renegade at Ringside... Empty The Renegade at Ringside... on Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:15 am

Naven X

Naven X
The camera fades in and zoom in on the crowd reacting as they see the camera slowly moving across the arena, it zooms to the Comentator's table...

Conner Danielson: Welcome back to Fear Factory!..And I hope your ready because next we have a singles match made by our general manager..It's Phenom's new apprentice Valac vs. Naven X's tag partner, protégé and manager Vivica Lockhart..

Christian Ghost: Not only that!, It is thier singles match debut and....

Suddenly "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack blast through the arena speakers and with the crowd roaring in boos Naven X enters the stage and slowly walks down the ramp ignoring the crowd. He touches the steel steps then makes his way around the arena and to the Comentator's table..

Conner Danielson: Well isn't this a surprise, Naven your match is not up yet?..

Christian Ghost: Shut up Conner!, If The Renegade wants to be here, let him be here!!...

Naven puts on the extra set of headphones..

Naven X: That's right ghost, The Renegade is here and he's here for a reason, As for EOA tonight, If he steps foot in the ring with me tonight, The Darkness freaks will lose one less member, courtesy of the renegade!..But right now, this is Vivica's first singles match and I want to support her, unlike valac's mentor, I will support my manager the best way I can..hahaha!

Christian Ghost: Exactly!..Python Power Drink?

Naven takes the drink from Christian and toasts each other with the cans then begins sipping their drinks slowly.

Conner Danielson: Hey! where did you get that!..

Christian Ghost: I bought a six-pack before the show!

Conner Danielson: Ahh..Can I have one?

Christian Ghost: Ohh Sorry, That was my last one!

Conner looks at Ghost with the "yeah right" face...

Conner Danielson: Ahh crap!..Let's go on with the show!

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