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Word of the Day

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1Word of the Day Empty Word of the Day on Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:41 pm


OOC: Sorry, I missed the deadline, I totally spaced that I even had a match on Fear Factory. I hope it's not too late.

The shot opens moving through the bowels of the ATW Arena and stops outside Adam Nedman's newly converted training room.

The cameraman apparently uses the camera lens to push the door open a little further. Inside, Nedman seems to have just finished a rigourous training session. After wiping down his sweat-covered face with a dark coloured towel, which he places around his neck, he picks up and takes a long refreshing drink from a bottle.

Christian Ghost: GALACTIC ENERGY DRINK! That's got to be long past its sell by date!

Nedman tears a sheet of paper from a small block, also sitting on the bench.

Nedman: The word of the day is "forfeiture". Now, to use it in a sentence.

He rests his head back against the wall in contemplation.

Nedman: I intend to win my match on Fear Factory via forfeiture due to injury.

He nods, seemingly proud of himself but hears some movement around the door. In an instant, Nedman throws the still mostly full bottle in his hand towards the door. It scores a direct hit on the camera lens, smashing it and knocking the cameraman over to the ground. Nedman walks over to the door and closes it, bringing the somewhat obscured shot to black.

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