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The Mafia Visits Prototype

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1The Mafia Visits Prototype Empty The Mafia Visits Prototype on Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:33 am


A familiar hummer limo pulls up to the area. The Mafia members come out of the limo. A cameramen in the area spots them. He runs over it talk to them.

Cameraman: Excuse me, can I ask you why you two are here? Your not scheduled to be here?

Ghetto Blaster: Am here for a good show and need to pick up my employees and collect my money.

Will Bergeron: I am here for my personal reasons. You guys will find out sooner then later.

Cameraman: Ok, well I hope you two the best of luck.

The two superstar walk away and head into the area. The camera fades to the ring

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