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No more games to play...

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"Battle Ready" by Otep hits the speakers and terrorizes the ears of the people in attendance. After a few seconds, the entrance stage is enlightened by a series of huge explosions, only to be immediately taken from sight by the fog. It takes a couple more moments until Tyr emerges from the fog and quickly walks down to the ring, his black leather coat waving behind him.
The big man doesn't bother using the steps as he usually does, but slides into the ring immediately and points towards a technician. The man brings a microphone to the ring, and without giving a single thought about it, Tyr rips it out of his hands. He raises it up, and his voice is far from it's usual, calm sound.

Tyr: Freedom or Fire... I assume all of you remember what has happened during the Deathrace Battle Royal... But for those of you who are too stubborn, let me clear up your memory, so pay attention now!

The Tron lightens up again, showing Tyr making his way to the ring during the huge match. But instead of attacking Wolvian and Adam Nedman, he keeps distance to both of them, letting them struggle with their own business first. The speed goes up until the next entrant comes down and gets eliminated by Tyr without having a chance to interfere. This repeats itself five more times, until Hack3r gets into the ring and manages to eliminate Tyr, just to be pinned by Wolvian moments later.

The camera shows Tyr again, and his body language and his voice both seem to be extremely infuriated.

Tyr: Congratulations, Mr. Hack3r! Or whatever your name is now... But I want to know: Can you eliminate me in a match that is not based on simply throwing someone over the top rope? Can you stand up for the task of fighting a wargod instead of dodging him? I sure know that I am not unbeatable. Maybe Max Cavalera can prove this right now. But to put this straight, I want to see you in this ring once more, Hack3r!

With the last sentence barely finished, he throws the microphone out of the ring, gets rid of his coat as well and prepares for his match.

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