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1A new title Empty A new title on Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:49 pm

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown
The building is filled with a capacity crowd. Suddenly, I want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend too by Reel Big Fish blasts through the speakers. Sylvia, Travis Touchdown's new coach, walks down the ramp wearing her usual business woman clothing. She grabs a mic and walks to the center of the ring.

: Hello everyone! As you might know already, I am the sexy and foxy Sylvia, Travis' freshly made coach. As you might have seen at the last show, Travis lost his match which would end his winning streak. However, he did not lose in a honest way. Indeed Executioner of Anarchy cheated against him last week.

The crowd starts booing.

Sylvia: As he was about to deliver his finisher, Executioner did this while the referee was not watching. Roll the video.

A video on the Tron' is seen. It's Travis' last match against Executioner. As he is about to deliver his finisher, Executioner delivers a low blow to Travis, making him vulnerable and allowing Executioner to connect his finisher.

Sylvia: You see? That is textbook cheating. Therefore my sweet Travis remains... UNDEFEATED hehehehehe. Now, Travis will you please come to the ring, I have a little... "treat" for you.

The crowd screams WOOOOOOOOO and whistles. At the same moment, Travis' theme is played and he walks to the ring.

Sylvia: Hey there Travis

Sylvia hugs Travis

Travis Touchdown: Wow, hey there Sylvia. I heard you had something for me.

Sylvia (in a very sensual voice): I do indeed Travis. I have something that'll make you feel very good.

Travis Touchdown: Oh, OH! Damn, I'm packing heat baby.

: You're so cute. Here it is be ready for it.

Travis Touchdown: Oh I'm ready for it, give it to me baby.

Sylvia: Ok then. BRING IT DOWN BOYS.

Something is brought down from the ceiling of the arena. It seems like a belt it hanging from a string and slowly makes its way down. Sylvia takes it and shows it to the whole crowd.

Sylvia: Ladies and Gentleman of APW, I proudly present you for the first time, the Undefeated Championship.

The crowd screams in shock but cheers Travis right after.

: There you go Travis. Now, defend your title tonight, as you will be facing Alparslan to keep it.

Travis is confused and does not know what to say. He takes a few moments, places the belt on his shoulder and puts himself together.

Travis Touchdown: Alparslan it is then. Well first of all let me thank you Sylvia, it's a great gift and it will be an honour to defend it tonight. As for you Alparslan, I finally get to face you. We both wanted to face Kim, you took my spot, thanks to Phenom, despite being a newbie. Now we'll see who's the better man between us two. Then I'll take care of Kim. Come forth and I'll show to the ATW universe who's the real Undefeated Champion here.

Crowd cheers Travis and chant his name as Travis raises his title in the air.

2A new title Empty Re: A new title on Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:56 pm


Fire it up by TFK starts playing ss Alparslan walks up to the ring clapping his hands

Alparslan: Wow Travis that's one shiny belt you got yourself there. if it just meant anything.

Alparslan slowly starts to walk down to the ring

Alparslan: Why doesn't it mean anything you might ask? well at first, you lost to EOA get over it. and secondly that is the stupidest idea I have ever heard!

the crowd seems to be split in two, Alparslan fans and Travis fans

Alparslan: Seriously dude, making an ¨undefeated¨ championship right after you lost a match?

Travis holds the mic to his mouth.

Alparslan: Oh, by the way. What kind of people has Touchdown as a last name?

3A new title Empty Re: A new title on Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:17 pm

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown
Sylvia: My oh my, I was told indeed that your opponent was going to be smart Travis, but this one has topped my expectations. Did you not see the video? EoA cheated, therefore Travis is the real winner here. Are you blind? You must be when I see what you're wearing hehehehe.

The crowd bursts out laughing

Travis Touchdown:Wow you got burned pretty badly Aplar... Apsarl... Damn it, you complain about my name, but what's up with yours, seriously. Did your parents have a seizure when they gave it to you?

Travis shakes his body like he was having a seizure

Travis Touchdown: You will be named Aaagg... Aaaplr... Aaassss.... Alparslan urgh!

The crowd laughs even louder

Travis Touchdown: And don't come tell me this title is stupid. You wish that title was on your shoulders.You're just plain jealous because you had your rear wooped up and down across the ring by Kim the other night.

Sylvia: Yeah, you got schooled boy.

Travis Touchdown: Oh and finally, the reason my name is Touchdown is because in the end I always score while the other hit rock bottom. Now go to your side of the ring and get ready to lose.

4A new title Empty Re: A new title on Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:56 am


Alparslan: Wish I had that meaningless title

Alparslan dials up a number on his phone.

Alparslan: Bring me that prototype belt I worked on. Oh, by the way. roll it.

The tron shows Travis getting hit by some huge moves. Travis and Sylvia are staring at Alparslan waiting for him to say something.

Alparslan: I got nothing to say I just wanted to see that again.

Alparslan: How long can it take to find a belt?

A guy comes running to Alparslan.

Guy: Sir you burned it to ashes last week.

Alparslan: Oh, yes, I burned it. do you know why Travis? because just like you thinking you can beat me. It's stupid, it's pointless and it is absolutely nothing you should have your hopes up for because if you do, your hopes will burn up and end as ashes.

Suddenly it starts raining ashes above the ring and ramp and Alparslan turns his back on Travis.

5A new title Empty Re: A new title on Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:14 pm

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown
Travis and Sylvia pretend to be sleeping.

Travis Touchdown: Oh... wait... is it over?

Travis wakes up.

Travis stretches his arms out

Travis Touchdown: YAWN!! You're boring everyone here. Seriously dude no one cares about you or your cremated belt. You think that the ATW universe gathered today in this arena to hear you going on about my belt or how you seem to pleasure yourself by seeing me being hit? By the way dude, you should see someone about that, it's... let's say particular.

The crowd starts making fun of Alparslan and chant Travis' name

Travis Touchdown: If this capacity crowd came here tonight, it's to see me beat some over confident rookie like you and watch their favourite wrestler steal the show and retain his new title. So like I said, go to your side of the ring, shut your mouth and get ready to have an ass whooping of your life.

6A new title Empty Re: A new title on Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:14 pm


Alparslan: Travis I admire your guts. your brain is another story though.

Alparslan enters the ring and Sylvia takes some steps closer to Travis

Alparslan: you are gonna regret you wanted to play hardball.

Alparslan looks around for a couple of seconds

Alparslan: that sounded way less retarded in my head

OOC: i don't know if you want to add something if not just call out a ref or something.
ps. the hardball thing. i thought the rp needed a joke

7A new title Empty Re: A new title on Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:24 pm

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown
Did thought you were going to RP. I think your last one may be too much I don't know, it doesn't bring much more to the dialogue. We'll see what Phen says.

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