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Punishment for failure

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1Punishment for failure Empty Punishment for failure on Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:16 am


The camera fades in on a dark room. The four paladins are standing in front of a throne. A throne in wich Wolvian is sitting with a very unpleased look on his face.

Wolvian: You had one simple task. To destroy the Apple dumpling gang so that they would not get a shot at my title!

Wolvian stands up and raises his hands. A thunderous rumbling begins to sound. The candles in the room begin to flicker then shoot up high crackling the air with their heat.

Wolvian: I have to make an example that I do NOT accept failure when I give an order!

Lightning shoots out of the hands of Wolvian and hits two of the paladins. The lightning raises them into the air. Their bodies become nothing but skeletons then turn to ash. The candles return to normal and Wolvian turns and sits back on the throne.

Wolvian: Now clean up that mess you incompetant minions!

The two remaining paladins rush off to find a broom and dust pan.

Wolvian: Make sure to put those ashes into urns and place them on the shelf next to my five Helix Awards! Oh, and while you're at it, clean the blood off the Most Dominate Wrestler one. That Shawn Vincent guy got on there when his head got in it's way!

Wolvian adjusts the title around his waist as he begins to ponder.

Wolvian: Now I have a decision to make. Since Voltzandre's team won on Fear Factory he now has a shot at my title? But Chris "Action" Jackson made a good point. He isnt a member of the Sour Apples and he was the last man standing? Then there is always Shawn Vincent?

Wolvian sits there stroking his chin for a bit then gets a very evilish grin across his face.

Wolvian: I think I may have it? When there is more than one person wanting to destroy me. Why not play them against each other? Or better yet, Why not destroy all three of them at one time! At this season PPV I think we need to up the game a bit. Any one can have a one on one match for there title! Hell any one can even have a three way dance for their title! But what about a Fatal Four way Elimination Style Match! Now yes The odds are against me with all three men who hate my guts could gang up on me. But there is still plenty of time between now and then to put doubt in there minds and hate into thier hearts against each other.

One of the paladins looks over at Wolvian and makes some sort of hand gesture.

Wolvian: Yes I know I have a match tonight against the Tarzan rip off.

The Paladin makes some more gestures with his hands.

Wolvian: Of course I know its a steel cage match, I was the one who made the match!

Wolvian shakes his head in disgust then looks back up at the Paladin.

Wolvian: Do you want to end up like the other two?

The Paladin returns to working harder cleaning up the ashes of his fallen Paladin.

Wolvian: Why the hell would I be worried about George of the Jungle? He couldnt beat me even on his best day! He might be some sort of wild beast, But I am a monster from the depths of hell itself. Fighting him is nothing more than a warm up exercise for me!

Wolvian begins to laugh as the camera fades to black.

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