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1Liminal messaging. Empty Liminal messaging. on Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:53 pm


The crowd is still buzzing from the last match that they've just had the good fortune of watching. The mood is killed though when the lights in the arena are turned right down. The titan tron flickers to life by showing the poster for ATW's 1st PPV "Freedom Or Fire". The poster begins to rotate quicker and quicker, accelerating to the point that it's stopped being a poster and has become a swirling blob of crimson and gold. The blob begins to slow down and eventually morphs into a picture of the PPV DVD boxset. A low, booming voice is heard over the arena speakers.

Voice: Being at an event that changes the face of wrestling is a once in a life time opportunity.

Some lasers are shone out momentarily illuminating the arena.

Voice: Everybody look to your left ... then to your right. It's a fact that two out of the three of you will buy the DVD/Blueray boxset of Freedom or Fire. Do you really want to be the odd one out?

The crowd react with a loud chorus of "NO"

Voice: For a limited time only if you buy it now then you can receive the bonus DVD "Hack3r: A history". I've got my copy. Are you going to let a disembodied voice beat you? Well, are you?

The lights slowly turn back as a maniacal laugh is heard.

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