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Entrance of The Action (think this would be better before my first match than after)

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All of a sudden the lights in the arena change to a gold hue.
Everyone in the arena stops and stares up at the tron. On it there are the words "ATW is missing Action ... no more!" With that a huge explosion goes off in front of the entrance and gold sparks shower down over it creating a curtain of pyro.

Christian Ghost: Dude, awesome pyro show. This guy must have a ton of money to afford that.

Connor Danielson: Sure, whatever. But what about this Action thing.

Christian: Well if I know my history right that really could only mean one person but he has to be retired by now.

Connor: You don't mean Chris "Action" Jackson.

Suddenly a figure in a suit bursts out through the sparks wearing a black suit, black shirt and gold tie. He is also wearing aviators with gold rims. He poses for a few seconds on the ramp with only a few in the audience recognizing him. And of these few the reaction is mixed some booing and other cheering. The younger of the fans in attendance still wondering what is happening. The figure makes his way to the ring and walks up the steps, gets into the ring and calls for a mic.

Connor: Holy crap! It is The Action himself.

Christian: Shut up man he is about to speak.

Chris "Action" Jackson: Well what are you fans waiting for. You should be cheering the inevitable coming of the Action. Cheering for the man that will save this fed from floundering under the wait of in-Action.

The crowd is completely silent.

Chris "Action" Jackson: There is no way I have been gone that long that you all have forgotten The Greatest wrestler to ever grace a ring. The Main Attr-Action, The Action you all pay to see, Canada's Own Chris "Action" Jackson.

Only about half the crowd has heard of the wrestling legend. And most of them begin to boo remembering some of his more "memorable" actions.

Chris "Action" Jackson: Fine, I guess I will just have to reintroduce myself to this younger generation. I am the Three Time GWA Galactic Champion, a former Tag Team and Stable Champion and one half of the most Phenomenal and Action-packed tag team of all time, Phenomenal Action!

More of the crowd begins to boo remember all of PA's more "memorable" moments as a team. Others begin to clap almost sarcastically. Chris starts pacing around the ring.

Chris "Action" Jackson: Since I was offered a contract to come here I started watching some of the shows. And all I saw was the same old crap. A dark force, a wolf on top and NO ACTION! So I came here to right that wrong and take what is rightfully mine. The place atop the mountain that is wrestling. So that means The World Archetype Championship. And if the GM knows what is good for his fed he will give that to me very soon because he knows that I am the biggest draw that any wrestling fed will have. And why is that you may ask because You all pay to see the Action and I am where the Action truly lies!

Chris throws the mic down to a mixture of boos and cheers. Poses for the fans in the ring before walking out and heading up the ramp.

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