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The first appearance of Ouz0

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1The first appearance of Ouz0 Empty The first appearance of Ouz0 on Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:09 am


The fans have just seen the words "I came to get drunk" come across the screen as "Zorba the Greek" plays throughout the arena. The great one known as the Ouz0 makes his way to the ring looking ever so happy. He stops to sign autographs and slap hands and then slides into the ring. He stands in the middle as his fans chant "Ouz0! Ouz0!"

The legendary star of the Intercontinental League is followed by the Drink Team, holding in his hand a bottle of ouzo of the highest quality and pouring shots. The Drink Team assists him in offering drinks to everybody sitting on the first row and into the VIP booth of the arena.

Ouz0: “Good eeeeevening!!!! ..... Yes, I am so excited. I am finally back in action. After one year being away from the rings, I was very glad that the The Vampire Lord asked me to join his fed. I am relishing in this moment that I finally get the chance to contend again and above all help my friend Phenom to bring this fed to a new level.”

He turns towards the VIP booth and points at Phenom.

Ouz0: “I will NOT let you down my friend!”

The crowd gets mad. Most of them rise from their seats and give a warm welcome applause to this legend of wrestling.

Ouz0: “I have been dreaming of this moment for a very long time, the moment I would get back into action. I have been dreaming of becoming again the nightmare of my opponents. Take care, because I am back into action!”

Connor Danielson: Who is this guy Christian? Look at his size, he is huuuge.

Christian Ghost: You don’t know Ouz0? Man, and you call yourself a wrestling expert. He has been with the German Moonsault Wrestling team of Zachary Zerberus, French Monster, Antonio Minotauro Nogueira ...

Connor Danielson: ... and the French Monster. Yes, you are right! I remember seing him fight a couple years ago against Panzerfaust.

Christian Ghost: That match was the start of a very successful career. Since October 2010 he remained unbeaten for six consecutive seasons earning six times the Moonsaulti Championship Belt. He then handed over his title back to the federation. He even has a World Tag Team Championship belt in his trophies being a tag partner of Shakalaka with "The Followers of Shaka" at Intercontinental level.

Connor Danielson: Well he still has to prove that he is the greatest! Don’t forget that he is not so young anymore, he must be now around 40 and he is out of form. And by the way his opponent tonight, Toki, is a very strong submission wrestler that will make Ouz0´s life difficult ............. and how on earth can he fight? Just look at the guy, he is COMPLETELY drunk!

Christian Ghost: That’s why they call him The Drunk Bulldozer!

Connor Danielson: What do you mean?

Christian Ghost smiles: Oh don’t worry, you will find it out soon. I am just a bit sorry for Toki!

In the meantime Ouz0 continues his drinking show on the ring, bringing a wild atmosphere in the arena. He has been ready for this moment and he is ready to seize his moment once again. With the help of his fans (the crowd at the back rows chant "We came to get druuuuunk …..") he knows that this match will put everybody on the edge of their seat.

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