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Helix Awards Segment #8

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1Helix Awards Segment #8 Empty Helix Awards Segment #8 on Fri Feb 18, 2011 8:39 pm

Shawn Vincent

Shawn Vincent
Camera pans back up to the stage. Shawn Vincent has recomposed himself after looking a little flustered during the last segment. Stacy walks out from the back, looking as fresh as a daisy, pushing a cart which holds multiple Helix Award trophies. She hands Vincent the nominee card, gives him a seductive wink and heads backstage. Vincent turns red yet again.

SV: Thank you again, Stacy. As you can see, folks, we have a lot of trophies to hand out here, but they are all for one award. Much like the tag team, stables have been a staple of the wrestling profession for many years. Multiple competitors watching each other’s backs, working toward a common goal. Who can forget such outstanding groups such as DX, the nWo and perhaps the greatest of all time, the Four Horsemen. We have some outstanding factions here in ATW and one of them will be honored tonight. The nominees for Stable of the Year are…

The Darkness

The Mafia


New Generation

The Paladins

The crowd begins to boo, anticipating the inevitable.

SV: And the winner is… THE DARKNESS!!!!

Vincent gets a disgusted look on his face as he awaits the arrival of The Darkness.

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