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The One.....The Only...The Renegade

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1The One.....The Only...The Renegade Empty The One.....The Only...The Renegade on Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:20 am

Naven X

Naven X
The One.....The Only...The Renegade 581102145ee1855a47233725fab8132d


1: a deserter from one faith, cause, or allegiance to another
2: an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior

Naven X AKA The Renegade

Class: Strength
Injury: Healthy
• Popularity: 6. Professionist
• Age: 24

Attitude: A beast
Plays by his own rules
Never backs down
FACE/HEEL when ready
Hates to Love,Loves to Hate
Loves the Fans
Exteme in a First Blood Match(favorite match)
Finishers,taunts,and trademarks

Code Of Slience
Price To Pay
Silencer Strike
Silent Nightmare
The Stand Up
Tha Showstoppa
The X-acution

Entrance music: (NEW THEME) Pay the Price-Traumatosis

Entrance outfit: Long Black & Blue Leather(no Sleeve)Coat with hoodie

Ring outfit: Black or white no sleeve under armour top W/Renegade Symbol and black pants with black wresting

-T.R.A. Member(Spriorite)
-Leader of NEMESIS)
-Tag team w/ Vivica Lockhart(Seek And Destory)
-Tag Team w/ Defjam(DNX)
-Tag Team w/ Anthrax(Sin City Saints)

-GWA Alumni(Inducted as a GWA Legend*2012*)
-PWA Alumni
-ATW Alumni
-STW Alumni


The Renegade is the most anticipated wrestler in the business. His actions speaks louder than words as he faces countless competitors in the ring. His abilities in the ring is nothing but great and is in a climb to be in the top of the business and become a champion.His hard work and dediction is the motto for this young wrestler and he makes sure he keeps it.He has seen and done many things in the past and he uses it as his strength for greatness. His career will be incredible for years and years to come. Adopted son of Legendary wrestler Chris "Action" Jackson,He was born in Kiatara also known as "The land of Eternal Light as a orphan living in the shadows of his childhood...Later at the age of 15 he joined the elite military force called S.O.L.D.I.E.R in which he became 2nd Lieutenant by the age of 17. He dissapeered for two years in the FUJI Mountains due to a mission at which he killed 40 men at one time and then was shot six times...he survived. He returned to his homeland and changed his name from Nicholas Zack Raven to Naven X and has been known now and always as the Renegade. During his career, Naven was temporarily trained by Legendary wrestler T-Wolf in GWA, he has become a Nova champion and has fought with the best in the business during its final days, Now in his new home PWA (Phoenix Wrestling Alliance) he has began a world of terror as he created the infamous stable Nemesis with memebers EOA, Ceberus Thorn and Methias White, Sarena White, max calvavera and Sparda which led to him to become the first ever PWA Burning Star Champion.. His life changing experience led him to be what he wanted to do...becoming one of the best in the world.Next he had found a home in what is know known as Archetype Wrestling led by Phenom the Vampire Lord. While there, Naven Xbrought in and mentored Vivica Lockhart, who he trained and created the team SEEK AND DESTORY, but later betrayed durind a tag match which ended the team Later,he and phenom had one of the best feuds which lasted for a year at ATW's FREEDOM OR FIRE II which ended in Phenom's favor but was known as one of the best matches ever in ATW...later he teamed up with Defjam and formed the the team DNX and which they won the ATW Double Helix Tag Team Championship from "The Killaz" Crimson Wrath and Disturbed Demon, now he is making his way to a new goal..ShowTime Wrestling and He is now reaching his goal in to becoming one of the best ever. There he has teamed up with Friendly Rival AnthraX and created the "SIN CITY SAINTS" later the Saints went on to win the STW Tag Team Championship.Later, they departed from STW ( as still tag champions) and Went back to the Returning Archetype Wrestling aka ATW 2.0. He bears A scar in a shape of an X in his left cheek which is his mark of destiny because to him he feels that he will become one with destiny and the whole world will know. By the end of his career he will be known forever as The One,The Only, The Renegade.


GWA(Global Wrestling Alliance) NOVA CHAMPIONSHIP
PWA(Phoenix Wrestling Alliance) BURNING STAR CHAMPIONSHIP(first champion in PWA)
ATW (Archetype Wrestling)Double Helix Tag Team Championship w/ Defjam (Last champion in ATW)
STW (Showtime Wrestling) Tag Team Championship w/ Anthrax
Face Look
The One.....The Only...The Renegade Zack_Fair_by_ZackFair_Fanclub

The One.....The Only...The Renegade Tumblr_lz03asoHGl1qag0dwo1_500

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Naven X

Naven X
The One.....The Only...The Renegade 1072eabab3555917f79ca0048c62c319

The One.....The Only...The Renegade Naveen

My Symbol

The One.....The Only...The Renegade 8042e1dc7d4e0194c9844583c88047ee

My Car

The One.....The Only...The Renegade Ce59af1f94821fddbeb0beaac5af665f

My Motorcycle

The One.....The Only...The Renegade 22dbfbe13d5cb4b890aa6d4068e6564e

Entrance & ring Outfit

The One.....The Only...The Renegade 7285d3d552ecd673f1e1f82d7043d8fb

Tag team banner(seek and Destory)

The One.....The Only...The Renegade 8f1a95a4b129a12fb3f370623f264e4a

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3The One.....The Only...The Renegade Empty Re: The One.....The Only...The Renegade on Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:26 am

Naven X

Naven X
Naven X's Homeland- Kiatara aka land of Eternal Light

The One.....The Only...The Renegade 9c5812b6acef18f22007a898c3a1f8c0

The One.....The Only...The Renegade E365dfc3829e9fbd2aa0a496eefaf294

Entrance themes

I'm the One~ Static X

I Stand Alone-Godsmack

Pay The Price~ Traumatosis


SEEK AND DESTORY~ Naven X and Vivica Lockhart


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4The One.....The Only...The Renegade Empty Re: The One.....The Only...The Renegade on Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:33 am

Phenom The Vampire Lord

Phenom The Vampire Lord
The One.....The Only...The Renegade Naveen

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5The One.....The Only...The Renegade Empty Re: The One.....The Only...The Renegade on Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:43 pm


The One.....The Only...The Renegade Hellix

Season One Most Improved Wrestler Of The Season

Naven X

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