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Helix Awards Segment #6

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1Helix Awards Segment #6 Empty Helix Awards Segment #6 on Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:05 am

Shawn Vincent

Shawn Vincent
The shot goes back to the stage and the award podium. The next award is sitting there, but neither Shawn Vincent nor Stacy are anywhere on the stage. Vincent stumbles out wiping lipstick off his cheek with his sleeve. His tie is also undone. He turns and realizes he is on and quickly attempts to fix his tie while blushing a bit. He strides to the podium to begin the next presentation.

SV: Sorry about that folks, Stacy and I were discussing some, ahem, business. We kind of got caught up in it and lost track of time. We have another award to hand out right now. Every so often, a wrestler will make an inauspicious debut and come out of nowhere to leave a major mark in his company. Being as this was our first season here in ATW, we had plenty of opportunities for people to do just that. The nominees for Breakout Star of the Season are…



Eternal Eclipse

Naven X

Full Metal Python

The crowd reacts to each nominee as they are announced.

SV: And the Breakout Star of the Season is… SAM/SPRIORITE/PEACH/BETTY/HACK3R!!!!!!!!!!! Come on out again buddy!

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Once again the camera cuts to Hack3r who is once again sat at the same table as earlier with yet another martini in his hand. He smiles and stands up much like before as he once again downs his drink. He places the empty glass back on the table as he begins to walk towards the stage. He arrives on the stage and walks across towards the podium.

Hack3r: I'm sure you guys wanted to see me play with my wheelie shoes some more but I'm in no fit state to use them if I'm honest.

He stumbles a bit but uses the podium to stabilise himself.

Hack3r: Sorry about that. Alcohol kind of screws up my balancing abilities. Anyways, on to my acceptance speech.

Hack3r pauses for a while and looks around the room with a confused look on his face.

Hack3r: Not to sound disrespectful but what award is this again? As you could probably tell I've had one too many martinis and it's messing with my head a bit.

A technician from behind the scenes jogs out onto the stage and whispers the answer into Hack3r's ear then runs off again.

Hack3r: Oh yeah, break out star. I'm both honoured and a bit annoyed about winning this award. I'm honoured because it's a massive achievement but on the other hand it's for being the "Break out star of the season", kind of like saying that I wasn't amazing before this season. Or is that just me?

The crowd laughs at the joke.

Hack3r: In all seriousness though I'm so proud to have won this award and it's something that I'm going to cherish forever.

The crowds begins to cheer as Hack3r raises up the award again.

OOC: Again, am I supposed to end this or what?

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