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Meeting an old friend

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1Meeting an old friend Empty Meeting an old friend on Fri Feb 11, 2011 5:00 pm

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown
Travis Touchdown is seen going back to his locker room, after Phenom's annoucement of his match agains Executioner of Anarchy.

Travis Touchdown (while walking): Damn it, I can't believe it I was screwed like that by him, what's his deal, there's no way I'm going to win this one.

As he enters his locker room, he discovers a young and very attractive lady, wearing a black skirt, a white top and a leather jacket. She speaks with a strong foreing accent.

???: Well Travis, it looks like you're in trouble.

Travis Touchdown: Sylvia? How did you get here? And how did... I mean wh...

Sylvia: I see you're still clueless. Wrestling is not good for you, it's giving you brain damage. Still going around with you list.

Travis Touchdown: The list? How do you... wait... it was you!? Right? The voice I heard the other day it was you!

Sylvia: Finally you are starting to think a little. Yes it was me. I came here to find you. I heard that you were trying to go up the ranks... again... but in wrestling this time. Let me tell you something boy, only I can organize the battles for you to become number one.

Travis Touchdown: Yeah? Well I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that but you're too late. I'm in the business already and probably going to lose my first match.

Sylvia: Yes so I heard. I can help you out if you want...

Travis Touchdown: Really? I wonder how. It's forbidden to kill by the way, so you can drop your idea.

Sylvia: You seem to forget that I know may way around men. I remember not so long ago a man who used to be number one who fell in love with me.

Travis turns his head away

Travis Touchdown: What's your plan then?

Sylvia: Since I have become your coach, I will come to ringside with you. If I see you're in any trouble, I will... help. Executioner of Anarchy seems to be an easy man to distract when a beautiful women like me gets close to him.

Travis Touchdown: Ok... I guess it's going to cost me something in return.

Sylvia: Aaaaah Travis you know me so well. Let me tell you what I want in exchange.

Sylvia brings her mouth next to Travis' ear and wispers something. As he hears those words, Travis has his eyes wide open, as if he was shocked by what he was hearing.

Sylvia: So...?

Travis stammers a few words

Travis Touchdown: I... I...

Sylvia: Hmmm too bad Travis, I guess I'll just have to let you get crushed by Executioner of Anarchy.

As Sylvia is about to leave, Travis answers.

Travis Touchdown: OK! Ok, I'll do it.

Sylvia leaves with a big smile on her face.

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