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Kim Anderson

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1 Kim Anderson on Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:16 pm

Wrestler Name: Kim Anderson
Wrestler Level: 12
Wrestler Type: Speed
Wrestler Height: 5'5''
Wrestler Weight: 158 pounds
Wrestler Age: 18
Face or Heel: Face
Wrestler Attitude: Happy go lucky out but with a microphone Kim can be a showboat.
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Strength (level 34)
Speed (level 45)
Resistance (level 35)
Technique (level 23)

1. Anderson (pinfall) - "leaps aboves the opponent catches the opponent in a waistlock rolls forward into a sitting position and pulls the opponent down into a sitout pin position executing an devastating Anderson"
2. 3 Way Canadian Suplexes (direct damage) - "spuns around the opponent so she is behind the opponent and locks her arms around the opponent's waist before lifting them up and instantly fell backwards causing the opponent to hit the mat back of the head first before repeating herself two more times executing a devastating 3 Way Canadian Suplexes"
3. Zombie Buster (direct damage) - "side steps the opponent and wraps her left arm around the opponent's neck as the opponent goes past her but instead of following the opponent Kim grabs her left hand with her right before yanking both arms back making the opponent's neck suffer a huge whiplash before falling face first on the floor executing a devastating Zombie Buster"

1. Rapid Fire Crossbody (pinfall)
2. Sweet Kim Music (damage)
3. Canadian Hammer (damage)

1. Bring It On Moron - "Applauses The Crowd Before Slapping Her Own Rear And Demanding The Opponent To Bring It On Moron executing A Bring It On Moron"
2. Modern Messiah - "Points Her Right Hand Toward The Sky Before Spreading Her Arms Out To The Sides"

Theme Song:
"Through Glass" by Stone Sour (PWA)
"Wings Of A Butterfly" by HIM (ATW) [Season One - Season Two]
"Welcome to The Jungle" by Guns N Roses (ATW) [With The New Generation]
"Bring Me To Life" by Evanscene (ATW) [Season Five - Present]

Entrance (Far So):
Barrage of shots from a machine gun are heard over the arena
A clip is aired on the Titan Tron, showing some of the wrestler’s greatest victories and most powerful moves
Kim Anderson makes his way to the ring
wearing a simple wrestling costume
mounting a custom chopper
a light shines over him on the ring

Tag Team Partner in this fed: Wildthing
Tag Team Name in this fed: The New Generation
Willing to Tag: Sure
Faction Name in this fed: N/A
Willingness to change from face to heel or vice versa: When I get into character yes

1. Wildthing (The New Generation) [ATW]

Old Alliance(s):
1. N/A

1. N/A

Former Rival(s):
1. El Cholo
2. theHero
3. Baron

Phoenix Wrestling Alliance;
PWA Inferno Championship: 1 V and 1 D (First/Current/Last)
Never been pinned.
Never made to officially tap out

ArcheType Wrestling;
ATW Double Helix Tag Team Championship: 1 V (with Wildthing/The New Generation) and 0 d
Season One Best Tag Team Of The Season (with Wildthing/The New Generation)

(Independent Scene)
Lightweight (2nd Lvl) Championship: 2 V and 9 D
Fly Medium Weight (3rd Lvl) Championship: 1 V and 0 D
Light Medium Weight (4th Lvl) Tag Team Championship: 1 V and 0 D
Fly Heavyweight (5th Lvl) Tag Championship: 5 V and 4 D
Light Heavyweight (6th Lvl) Championship: 5 V and 6 D
Light Heavyweight (6th Lvl) Tag Team Championship: 9 V and 11 D
Last Medium Standing (7th Lms Lvl) Championship: 7 V and 8 D
Medium Weight (7th Lvl) Championship: 11 V and 13 D
Medium Weight (7th Lvl) Tag Team Championship: 2 V and 0 D
Regional (8th Lvl) Championship: 9 V and 9 D
Regional (8th Lvl) Last Man Standing Championship: 3 V and 0 D
Regional (8th Lvl) Tag Team Championship: 3 V and 3 D
West Croast (9th Lvl) Championship: 8 V and 7 D
West Croast (9th Lvl) Last Man Standing Championship: 1 V and 0 D
West Croast (9th Lvl) Tag Team Championship: 1 V and 0 D
East Croast (10th Lvl) Championship: 7 V and 9 D
East Croast (10th Lvl) Last Man Standing Championship: 2 V and 1 V
Northen Border (11th Lvl) Championship: 5 V and 6 D
Northen Border (11th Lvl) Last Man Standing Championship: 3 V and 0 D


[PWA Era]
Match Record:
1st Match; With El Cholo lost to Father Gilholy and Naven X
2nd Match; Defeated El Cholo in the quarter-final of the Phoenix Tournament to crown the first ever PWA Inferno Champion
3rd Match; Defeated theHero in the semi-final of the Phoenix Tournament to crown the first ever PWA Inferno Champion
4th Match; Defeated Phenom The Vampire Lord in the finals of the Phoenix Tournament to crown the first ever PWA Inferno Champion (PWA PPV: Freedom or Fire)
5th Match; Defeated Ultimate Sickness
6th Match; Defeated Ultimate Sickness (Again)
7th Match; Defeated El Esqueleto Oscuro
8th Match; Defended the Inferno Championship against theHero and Baron by way of a draw (PWA Last PPV: A Phoenix Dies)
[ArcheTypeWrestling Era]
1st Match; With Wildthing (The New Generation) defeated Callamsan and Baron
2nd Match; With Wildthing (The New Generation) defeated Black Ops and the Dark Angel
3rd Match; Defeated Callamsan
4th Match; With Wildthing (The New Generation) won the Doomsday Party Battle Royal to become on half of the first Double Helix Tag Team Champions (ATW First PPV: Freedom or Fire)
5th Macth; Defeated Alparslan
6th Match; With Wildthing (The New Generation) lost to the Mafia (William Bergeron and Ghetto Blaster)
7th Match: With Wildthing (The New Generation) lost to The New Blood (Sparda and Max Cavalera)
8th Match: Lost the Tag Titles to the Mafia in a Slaughter’s Palace Match (ATW Second PPV: Architects of the Apocalypse)

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2 Re: Kim Anderson on Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:31 pm

Recently updated. ^_^

Now adding old RPs...

Time is 8:46 in the afternoon and currently a house show is going on in the PWA arena. Only recently Freedom Or Fire happened and perhaps the biggest upset, moment and screwjob of the night were all on the same night. This was when Kim Anderson defeated Phenom The Vampire Lord, with the not asked for help from AnthraX, in a Trial by Fire match to become the First Ever PWA Inferno Champion. The fans were ready for the main event of this house show but suddenly "Through The Glass" by Stone Sour erupts the PA System as Kim Anderson appeared on the stage, riding a white Suzuki Hayabusa, with the PWA Inferno Championship around her waist. The crowd instantly booed and chanted "you screwed Phenom!" yet the female, who is also wearing blue jeans with a black leather jacket, chose to ignore this even though her facial expression clearly showed her upsetness before riding her bike down the ramp-way and around the ring. Her expression wasn't happy about the continuous hatred from the people yet managed to park the bike next to the ring, grabbed a nearby microphone and entered the ring. Once in the ring Kim held the microphone up to her lips.

Kim: At Freedom of Fire a good thing and a bad thing happened...good thing is that I am the first ever PWA Inferno Champion!

As soon as she said that Anderson took the title off her waist and hoist it up high in the air. She knew that the crowd would boo her and indeed they booed. Yet Kim decided to speak about the bad thing.

Kim: Yet the bad thing is that AnthraX ruined my chance of proving to everyone that I am no whipping girl!

That outburst did cause a few faint cheers yet Kim didn't give them any time to improve.

Kim: Yeah, me and El Colo lost to Father Gilholy and the first ever PWA Burning Star Champion when Colo got himself pinned. Yet what happened afterward? I got put in the Inferno Championship Tournament and in the first round I was sneak attacked by El Colo...maybe he was sore about being out done my me, I don't know...yet even when he attacked me I defeated him. Then in the next round I defeated theHero to be in the finals where I was due to battle Phenom the Vampire Lord, a guy who I held secret admiration for. Big match day ends up being a Trial of Fire; submission, last man standing and inferno all put into three rounds. I admit I was simply dominated in the submission, since I only know two holds, yet when I finally get the edge in the last man standing match AnthraX laid Phenom out before taking him through a fiery table! I admit that I am more then delighted to be the first ever PWA Inferno Champion but I will also admit that I don't deserve to be called Champion...

That comment did surprise alot of people in the audience yet Anderson decided to speak about a couple of people.

Kim: While I don't deserve the belt I shall do anything to keep it which brings me up to theHero. You claim that I need someone to fight my battles for me? I already defeated you once and if defending my title against you prove that I don't need any help then I'll happily take you on. But there is another person that seem to desperately wanting my attention...El Colo.

His name being called did cause alot of cheers to come out of the audience and the Inferno Champion expected this yet continued to speak.

Kim: First you cost our team a victory in both our debuts...then you attacked me when I was preparing my bike for my entrance...and when I beat you the very next you you kept whining and crying for a rematch. Now I am the current and first ever PWA Inferno Champion you are demanding a shot at me? Are you really that upset about losing to a girl? If you want a shot so badly then be patient since I'm already busy with someone else...

All of the sudden someone else's theme music blast out into the arena.

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3 Re: Kim Anderson on Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:40 pm

"Through The Glass" by Stone Sour suddenly erupts over the PA System as Kim Anderson appears on the stage, riding a white Suzuki Hayabusa, with the PWA Inferno Championship around her waist. The crowd begins making noise with a mixture of boos, cheers and a "you screwed Phenom!" chant yet the female, who is also wearing blue jeans with a black leather jacket, chooses to ignore this even though her facial expression clearly shows her sadness before riding her bike down the ramp-way and around the ring. Her expression clearly isn't happy about the continuous hatred from the people, while a slight smile appears when she realises some people are cheering, She parks the bike next to the ring, grabs a microphone from one of the chopper's compartments and climbs into the ring. Once she's in the ring Kim holsd the microphone up to her lips.

Kim: I guess I don't need to introduce myself as anything else but your PWA Inferno Champion.

That instantly gets boos from the audience, and some cheers. Kim smiles slightly, seeing that at least some of the people actually like her. She pauses for a while the continues to talk.

Kim: And last week I became the cure for this "Ultimate Sickness". Speaking of last week however, did El Cholo set himself up in some kind of gauntlet that would award him a shot against me if he succeeded? but he failed like I predicted he would.

The female sucks up to the ensueing boos, She waits and gives the chant's of "You suck" and "El Cholo" a chance to die down. After a while Kim holds her microphone toward her lips, signalling the fact that she wants to continue.

Kim: El Cholo claimed that he could remain undefeated this season and that he would be crowned the new Inferno Champion. Well guess what Cholo? Your first comment just showed me how egotistical you are! Furthermore, I actually laughed when I saw you get beaten by Horror, I mean you set yourself up for greatness and still failed.

Kim lets out a laugh, she ignores the negative response and continues to speak.

Kim: His second claim insulted me a bit. That jerk doesn't even consider me as a competitor, just some hurdle to jump over. if you truly class me as a hurdle then just try to jump over me next week! What? You don't think you can do it? I don't care! You want to prove you're the best then fight me!

The crowds cheer as they hear these words coming out of the young champion.

Kim: But for now I've just been informed, before I came out here, that I'll be fighting the Ultimate Sickness again. I honestly don't mind since it gives me a chance to do two things. Number one, it gives me the chance to prove why I deserve to be the Inferno Champion! The other thing is to prove that if my opponent is the "Ultimate Sickness" then tonight I'm the "Ultimate Cure".

Kim notices that the fans having changed from intense booing to an equally intense cheering. Anderson places the microphone under the bottom turnbuckle before sitting against another bottom turnbuckle, patiently waiting for her opponent.

OOC: Edited. Also, Isn't El Cholo heel? Why would the fans cheer for him?

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4 Re: Kim Anderson on Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:46 pm

The titiantron suddenly showed a wall somewhere backstage. This wall is just a basic one with no form of importance which caused the audience to puzzle about what is the purpose behind this yet they had little time to wonder as a light Canadian accent started to speak.

Kim: You saw that on Wednesday I was nowhere to be seen…

After Anderson said that the camera spun around so the titiantron showed her entire body. However Kim isn’t wearing her wrestling gear, instead the only thing she was wearing is a violet trowel. This caused a lot of wolf whistles among the crowd and the female smiled at this before explaining the reason why she is wearing what she’s wearing.

Kim: Since I have a match tonight I’ve decided to have a nice relaxing shower before getting my soft ass ready to kick someone else’s ass. Also since I am kicking ass tonight Mr Crane wouldn’t permit my ass to kick another on Wednesday and tonight. Yet he is the boss of Firestorm, not me, so I have nothing complain about…especially when I have this.

After saying those few words Kim hoisted up the PWA Inferno Championship onto her left shoulder before speaking her opinion about her opponent.

Kim: To tell the truth I can’t even pronounce my opponent’s name while I believe it starts with El and sound similar to some kind of Italian Cocktail. Yet another thing I know about this person is that last week I believe he lost to some debuting Baron. Now I admit that Baron looked great in his debut but now he has a chance to be added into my title defence by defeating my current number one contender, theHero. Which reminds me…what did Hero do to earn a shot? I admit I am more than happy to fight him be he seem to no-show for the past so many weeks after declaring himself as number one contender…maybe I’m just bitching about the fact that my first contender ends up getting given a shot instead of earning it…but I’ll just say one last thing before I get changed.

Anderson sweetly smiled after saying her words before speaking up once more.

Kim: Since I seem to be like the only person here to never lose a one-on-one match, especially by pin-fall, so I’ll just make an interesting offer to anyone. Me and you battle next week, before the pay per view in a simple match…if I win then I’ve got the pride of staying undefeated for another night longer. But if you pin me then…then maybe I’ll willingly let you slap my sweet ass as much as you like for the rest of the night…maybe I could become sort of like your whipping girl…or even become your slave for as long as you like. But that is if you defeat me by pin-fall, not submission or count-out, pin-fall…simple enough? Okay, oh yeah El-whatever your name is…I have nothing against you but the Inferno Champion here plans on staying undefeated by kicking your ass. Have a fun day!

After saying that the titiantron faded slowly into the dark blackness.

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5 Re: Kim Anderson on Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:48 pm

Leaning against a wall backstage, with the PWA Inferno Championship around her waist, is Kim Anderson. The female is wearing blood red tight jeans, that reveals the top of her ice blue thong, with a dark purple tank top and black trainers. After a couple of seconds of glaring towards the other side of the backstage area Kim looked to her right, smiling at the camera transmitting the following footage to the titiantron. Just then miss Anderson began to speak.

Kim: Tonight's the night Baron, tonight's the night Hero...tonight's the night where I'll prove that I truly deserve this belt currently around my waist. For the past month I have been pestered with words like “You screwed Phenom” and “You don’t deserve to be champion”. No matter how great I performed for them every week the chants just keep on repeating itself. So tonight at PWA’s last ever show I, Kim Anderson, shall finally prove all my critics wrong by defending my Inferno Championship against Baron and Hero.

As she said her last few words the female slowly rubbed her right hand on the title yet only a couple of seconds later she spoke up again.

Kim: I understand that Baron wants to make the perfect debuting month by winning my belt and holding it above his head as PWA shuts its own doors. But I am not one to EVER let a person who just walked in the front door own my title without a damn good fight. Yet I also kind of understand Hero’s situation…he believe what happened in my Trail or Fire match was a sham that only he can undo, as a hero. But he ever even bothered to ask me about my view of his mysterious contendership since he only waltzed in and declared that I’m an imposer champion before making himself the contender. Yet if I recall correctly he was the same Hero that I defeated to earn that spot in Freedom or Fire. So maybe Hero is only bitter that I could do what he didn’t…win a championship.

The young Canadian sweetly laughed after saying her last line before turning around, so that her chest to against the wall and her rear is slightly sticking out. Yet Kim managed to keep eye contact with the camera lens as she spoke up yet again.

Kim: I guess that some of you remember last week when I made my challenge to anyone. Well since this is the last match any of us will have in PWA I've decided to put it into effect tonight. But seeing that none of us three will most likely see each other after the match I guess the only thing I could do is to modifly it...if Baron or Hero wins this triple threat match I shall personally hand them the PWA Inferno Championship. But if any of the two manage to pin me then that person can spank, whip, beat or do anything else to me for as hard and long as they like. Now since this will be the last match that Kim Anderson will have in PWA I have a bg message to everyone in the arena, no matter who you are...have a fun day!

After saying that Kim got off the wall and made her way towards the locker rooms, to possibly do last minute preparations for her match. The titiantron meanwhile faded to black.

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6 Re: Kim Anderson on Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:42 pm

Season One Best Tag Team Of The Season

New Generation

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