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1 _-_Khaos_-_ on Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:18 pm

Height: 5’11’’

Weight: 213 pounds

Alignment: heel/tweener

Eye color: blue/gray

Theme Song: "The Good Life": By three days grace

Gate To Hell
Chaotic Time Bomb

Chaotic Theory
Mod. Rocket Launcher (no name for it yet)

Your Last Rights
Chaotic Nightmare


Child hood:

Teenage Life:

Current Personal Life:

ATW:(after season 1) After Entering ATW Khaos quickly got himself involved getting himself entered into the Battle Royal's at the PPV. Although elimated in the first one he realized it entered him into the second Battle Royal for the Hardcore Championship.
There he would try and make an impact. However making a rookie mistake Khaos elimited not only one of his opponents but himself as well costing him the title.
(After season 2) Khaos didn't waist any time however, quickly he once again made his presence felt by calling out the current Hardcore Champion AnthraX, telling him he had no chance at beating him one on one and that he wanted "His (meaning Khaos')" Title. AnthraX quickly cut Khaos a deal where if he were to beat him he'd give him a shot at the PPV.
During the match it looked as if Khaos was going to get exactly what he wanted when one of Darkness' goons come out hitting AnthraX with the title giving him the win Via DQ. The next week Khaos was out in the ring once again to call AnthraX out with the same thing at stake only this time there were no DQ's.
The match quickly began and went outside the ring. When the Ref's count neared ten AnthraX made it inside the ring with Khaos close behind him. However before Khaos could make it inside he was met with a low blow from AnthraX who would then win by Count Out who seemingly yet again maganged to crush Khaos' hopes.
Another week went by and this time Khaos was givin his third and final shot at beating AnthraX for a chance at the title. This time Khaos won with a simple Roll up. It would have seemed like that was it for the night but later that night AnthraX took out his anger out on Khaos laying him out backstage with a led pipe.
It was clear Khaos wasn't 100% going into the match at the PPV but he went ahead and fought. Through out the match the action traded places until Khaos nailed AnthraX with a Led Pipe. That could have ended it right there but Phenom declated that the match could only end with the opponent being knocked out cold. Continuing the assult Khaos swong a Sledgehammer into the stomach/ribs of AnthraX sending blood flying everywhere. As if that wasn't enough Khaos come out with a new submission forcing AnthraX to tap out not once not twice but several times over and over again. Finally the match ended as AnthraX layed in a pool of his own blood layed out cold. With that victory Khaos was able to stand high above his opponent with what he claimed was "His" title all along.
(Season 3)

Title Reign(s):

((((Will be finished and edited as time goes on so check back often for updates )))

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