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Guillotine Master Bio

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1 Guillotine Master Bio on Mon Feb 07, 2011 6:49 am

Name: Guillotine Master

Age: 27 years

Place of Origin: Mountains of China

Height: 5'5

Weight: 154 lbs.

Alignment: Face

Description: Guillotine Master wears an old style Chinese changshang dress with either a straw hat or a silk cap. He wears satin looking loose fitted pants with the usual wrestling boots. He usually carries with him either a bo staff or a pair of nun-chucks with him to the ring.


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Background: The Guillotine Master grew up in a Chinese monastery in the mountains of southwest China near what use to be Nepal. He studied various forms of martial arts from the monks that reside there. At the age of 10, he has mastered at least two disciplines of martial arts. He also was educated by scholars that visited the monastery from time to time to exchange information with the monks. Now that the boy grew up and took the title of "The Guillotine Master", he ventures the modern world to try out and test his abilities against new-found fighting styles and found his way to the Archetype Wrestling. Signing a contract, he will test his abilities here and seek out new challenges along the way.

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