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The Mafia is Confident

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1 The Mafia is Confident on Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:39 am

A camera man is seen outside the Mafia's locker room. He knocks on the door. "Come in" is heard from inside. Ther camera ,an walks into the locker room. Ghetto Blaster and William Bergeron is seen getting ready for there match.

Camera Man: Hi, Can I get a moment of your time, Guys?

Ghetto Blaster: You sure can. Where's Pandora or the other interviewer.

Camera Man: They told me they didn't want to waste there time looking for you in this locker room.

Ghetto Blaster: I don't blame them.

Camera Man: Ok, Well I want to know what your thoughts are about tonight?

Ghetto Blaster: We are very confident about tonight. We feel we are the most dominate tag in the division. No body can compare to us.

Camera Man: William, you guys are still undefeated. What do you think will happne tonight? Maybe your first lose?

Bergeron: Didn't you hear what my partner just said. We are only doing this match to prove that the titles should be around our wrists.

Camera Man: Are you saying that you should be holding the titles now?

Bergeron: No am saying we don't stand a chance. Man, your stupid. Yes, am saying that we will dominate everyone, in everyway.

Camera Man: I remember you saying that you haven't been given it your all. Tonight we will get to see it right?

Beregron: Wow, your a really bad interviewer. Don't quit your day job. You know what, am not even going to answer that.

Ghetto Blaster: I will answer though. To our opponents you will soon find out how it feels to "Swim with the Fishes"

They force that camera man out of the locker room. So, they can finish parparing for their big match later tonight

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