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Training Session Video

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1 Training Session Video on Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:05 am

The camera focusses on the commentary table, Ghost and Danielson

Danielson: At this time, we would like to give youa treat.

Ghost: Last Fear factory, we were showing behind the scenes and preparing for tonight. But we have specila footage right now.

Danielson: That's right, Ghost. William has allowed us in his training facility located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The camera panes over to the titantron, where a video starts. You see William Bergeron standing in front ofa three storied building in a busy part of the town. The camera skip ahead to a few minutes later where William Bergeron is in training gear. He is inside with a few wrestlers. Before he starts he asks for the camera to come closer.

Bergeron: Hello ATW fans. Welcome to my training facility. I named it Stormy Eagle Training and Wrestling School. I train other future wrestlers. I would like to introduce a face you may see soo.

William Bergeron calls over one of the wrestlers in the ring. He comes over.

Bergeron: I'd like to introduce my son. His name is Bryce Bergeron. He has learned so much in so little time. He helps me teach the class. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek of what I do outside the ring.

The camera sooms out William Bergeron is seen talking to the students. The group thansplit into two groups. It looks like William is teaching offensive manuevers and Bryce is teaching defensive manuevers. The camera watches the training for awhile. Switching back and forth from one group t the other. The video skips ahead to William Bergeron with one trainer. The time William is the focus. They are having a sparing match. Willim Bergeron is stuck in a submission, but not long after escape and performs one of his own. This continues for more than a hour. Now the camera skips ahead to one last training session. Bryce Beregron is seen in the ring along with William Beregron. Thery are surrounded by weapons. William Bereron is seen talking to his son.

Beregron: This is my lost exercise of the day, son. I ant you to pick up any weaponsof your choice. Don't stop until I tell you to.

Bryce nods and looks for some of his favorite weapons. Bryce starts hitting William with weapons.After awhile of that. William Bergeron is seen practicing his blocking methods for each of the weapon. The camera goes black with them still training. The focus returns to the commentary team.

Ghost: This all happen this past Friday. He explained backstage that this was only a glimpse of what he trains while away from the ring and ATW.

Danielson: I'am sure that William Bergeron's work ethnics are intense. Now to....

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