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Now's the chance!

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1 Now's the chance! on Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:55 pm

*The camera shows TheHero leaving the locker room. He's in his in ring outfit, looking around for some other wrestlers. As he sees no one, he walks towards a table with some food.*

TheHero: "So this is it, my chance to get my hands on this guy called Phenom."

*He takes some sandwich, takes a chair and sits on it.*

TheHero: "I guess I should go all out on him as soon as possible. I can't let him lock in his Dracula Mix or I'm done for. And I better watch out for his little minions."

*He bites in his sandwich and starts eating.*

TheHero: "Winning a title hasn't got priority. I need to teach this wannabe GM a lesson."

*He continues eating as the camera fades away.*

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